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Sterilisation Campaign Date – February!

 More information about our work with sterilisation and prior campaigns can be found under sterilisation.  For help, email us to


SOSAA Visits Local Shelters and Canils – Series No. 3 Now Available: AEZA Read the story Here:

“As animal workers, even as animal lovers, we often complain about Portuguese municipal canils and how they must change. AEZA is an example of a municipal canil who, with the help and dedication of volunteers has already changed.”



Warning!!!!   Processionary Caterpillars are here and pose an extreme danger to your pets.  The seasons lasts for several months.  For more information please read here.  


Featured Animals:
Frida - Available Medium Dog - Specially FeaturedFrida - Available Medium Dog - Specially Featured
Added: Oct 5, 2014
Location: TBA
Description: Frida has settled in very well after having had to live more than 7 months in a small kennel without ever coming out. She is full of life and energy, and constantly playing with the other dogs. She lo...

 Welcome to SOS Algarve Animals.  We rely entirely on donations and support, so please make a donation and help us keep helping.

We continue with sterilisation campaigns to offer affordable sterilisations to street animals and animals at risk of getting pregnant.    If you are looking for this help please email us to  Owners of animals will have to show that they  are without means to otherwise afford the operation.  Thank you!

We also operate a small rehoming centre and have dogs, puppies, cats and kittens all in need of new loving forever families.  Please visit available animals.

To read more about our activities please visit Special Features and Stories, or sterilisation.  To find other rescue centres, groups and animal forums please visit useful links.

We hope for your continued support as we continue our work to improve the quality of life of animals in the Algarve.

For more information please visit our Mission Statement 2014 or Sterilization


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 Found a Stray and What to Do, Special Features and Stories, our facebook page

To view our available animals seeking their forever homes please visit Available Animals.


How To Help

We need your help, it is only with the help of donation, like yours, that we are able to continue this work and to help the next animal who simply needs a chance, a little time, and a little helping hand.   There are many ways to help, almost every way.  Goods donations, money donations, drivers, holding fundraisers even being a flight parent.  If you would like to be involved or learn more about how to help please contact us.

Sponsors and Supporters

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We are delighted to announce a new sponsorship by Alyson Sheldrake. For the whole of 2014 Alyson will be donating 10% of all profits from Pet portrait paintings to SOS Algarve Animals. Please email for more information or visit the website A3Art Pet Portraits