Kevin and Gil – The Abandoned Hotel Rescue

by SOS Algarve Animals on July 12, 2013

At the end of June we received a call about some dogs living abandoned and on chains at an abandoned hotel…..we went for a look….

There were 4 dogs and 1 puppy. Three of the dogs seemed relatively healthy, they had a few ticks but were not covered, they were happy and seemed to be an ok weight. Two of these dogs were loose, and perhaps they even belong to a neighbour. One of these dogs was on a chain, but with lots of water and lots of shade (although the chain could have been longer). Its not what we like to see but it appeared someone was caring for the dog on the chain. Our decision was to leave them but to come back and check on them, bringing some wormers and flee treatments. And since we have been back it appears they are being cared for.


But one dog was very afraid, on a chain with only a strip of shade that was about to disappear, he had knocked his water bowl over and seemed unwell and lethargic….and the little puppy was curled up in a corner and did not even get up when we arrived. We almost missed seeing him.




So we took the dog on the chain, now called Kevin, and the little puppy, now called Gil. Both had advanced tick fever, and it is terribly sad because so many of the dogs are now in this condition and it IS a killer. Puppy Gil is recovering and has happily been reserved for a new family. Kevin was very unwell, extremely anaemic, not eating, and remained at the vet for some time receiving fluids and vitamins and iv antibiotics…he is a lovely dog now that he is free from his chain, very gentle and kind.


Kevin is now recovered and is showing himself to be an extremely special boy. When he first arrived to the Quinta he was shy and wary, not knowing what to expect from people. Kindness, care, gentle handling and within a couple of days, Kevin relaxed and opened up. He must have been handled properly in his early life, as you could see it all coming back to him. Kevin has an outgoing personality and loves his people. Always coming up to you as soon as you arrive, longing for some attention and a cuddle. Kevin is looking for a home in which he can be an indoors and outdoors dog, he would love to go on walks, and is a true family friend. For more information about Kevin please click here for his album.

Neither Kev nor Gil would have survived for much longer without care or a vet. We all run into many of these types of situations, none are easy, every situation is different. We cannot look the other way we all must try to help.