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SOS Algarve Animals is the operating name of ANIMAL AID – ASSOCIACAO PROTETORA DOS ANIMAIS NIPC 510205372, a registered non-profit organization whose purpose is the welfare and rehoming of abandoned cats and dogs in Southern Portugal. We rely entirely on donations to continue our work, we receive no public funding.

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We are not affiliated with any one shelter. Our goal is to offer help wherever we feel it is needed most, be this to individuals with a rescue animal of their own, to an animal on the street or to the animals of a shelter.

Our focus is upon the education of responsible pet ownership as well as the publication of the plight of dogs and cats of the Algarve.  We work to rehabilitate and rehome abandoned cats and dogs both within Portugal and to partners abroad.  Our objective includes a strong focus upon sterilization of all adult cats and dogs, and we seek to provide financial assistance with “spay and release” programs for female cats and dogs.

We try to provide an internet forum that gives advice to individuals who are trying to help Algarve animals. Our hope is that by making the Algarve Animal Situation public and by offering support things will get better. Only if everyone becomes more active and stops ignoring the problem will the long-term situation have a chance to improve.