Algarve Dog Show June, 2014

by SOS Algarve Animals on June 8, 2014

2014 Is the year of change of focus for us at SOS Algarve Animals….and the Dog Show 2014 was a different experience for us all, different, but absolutely wonderful! Our new banner and logo clearly visualized our new main objective: sterilization. It was absolutely different this year, we did not take any of our dogs for rehoming, just boxes with our new merchandising!


Our new t-shirts, polo’s, aprons, dog toys and key rings were selling very well (if you were not able to visit us at the show soon all will be for sale on line). Proceeds of these sales are being used towards our next sterilization campaign in the Autumn. And we launched our new publicity flyer which over the course of the next couple of weeks we will take to local vets, and other businesses to help and share the information, raising awareness amongst the public.

Happily we raised almost 500 euros in just donations! So a tremendous thank you to everyone for your support and generosity. And As well as everyone who showed support by buying our merchandising…much of which will soon be for sale on line!

We were so delighted to see so many of our happily rehomed dogs again: Kika, Lavinia, Sola, Joven, Molly, Jessie, Bella, Sasha, Neco, Magnum. All looking so well and happy… Also many of our adoptants who visited us during these two wonderful days, but without their dog…So nice to see you again…

We met many lovely and kind people, supporting us with a donation towards the much needed sterilization campaigns

Three of the families who adopted one of our dogs in the past years, were ready for a second furry friend in their lives…and have adopted another rescue dog at the show!

There is one person, whom for us, was the star of the show…Shauna….our assistant, volunteer, medic, surrogate mum, organizer, sales director…she did it all…during the two days…. Shauna… thank you, without you, we could not have done it!

And as always thank you to Paws 4 Pets which every year organizes the show and without whom the show would not take place..

Until next year!

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