Available Dogs and Puppies

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Dogs: For more information about how we work and care for our dogs please visit Our Rehoming Centre and How We Work.   All adult dogs (over 6 months) are sterilized.

Puppies:  The majority of our puppies (less than 6 months) stay with foster families as this is one of the best ways for them to grow, develop, get used to family life, be handled, socialized and trained. We are limited in the number of puppies we are able to help by the number of foster families willing to help. Any adoptant of a puppy must agree to having the puppy neutered when it reaches adulthood (6 to 8 months).

Vetting: All dogs and puppies are vaccinated, sterilized, and given complete bloodwork covering leish, heartworm and the many types of tickfever.  For more information about our vettings please see How We Vet Our Dogs and Puppies.

Please note, you can also go directly to our picasa albums for available animals and for our rehomed animals pre-January 2013 and post-January 2013.