Virtual Adoption

Please sponsor one of our dogs who need your help even more. These are wonderful natured dogs who sadly have very little chance of finding a home of their own. While we can offer accommodation to some of these special dogs, we need your help to afford to care for them. Often they are older or have a medical condition, and their care can be expensive. Sometimes they just need special food and a comfy bed. A small monthly donation can help can make this possible, and allow us to give them the love and care they need.

Information on how to donate by cheque or wire transfer can be found here.  Please reference the name of the animal whom you wish to sponsor and please contact us or  email so as we know how to thank you and keep you up to date on their progress.

Donations can also be made via paypal.



Here are our special dogs for whom we truly need your help.

Gentle Delia. She has been in our care since we first saw her in a local canil in February, 2011.  She was “mummy” to three puppies who heartbreakingly did not survive.  After this traumatic experience we moved Delia to foster care.  Delia trusts her foster mummy completely, she goes for cuddles, she is now a happy little girl.  But sadly, Delia has never been able to overcome her past life and whatever happened to her it must have been terrible.  There are still only a very few people who can even touch Delia, but she is such a sweet and lovely and gentle dog.   For more information about Delia please click to read her story.

Loving Dali. He has been in our care since March, 2012 when he came to us from a local canil. He had been abandoned by his owner after a life used as a racing dog. Old and no longer wanted, he was covered in bite marks from his time in the canil. Thankfully he was brought into our care and he is such a loving, affectionate and cuddly dog it is so sad to think of the hardships that he endured. Sadly, from his past racing Dali has a hernia or the spine and he needs medication to manage the condition. For more information about Dali please click to read his story.


Gentle Bob.  Sadly Bob passed away at the end of February, 2015.  Please see In Memory of Bob.

Lovely Leila.  Sadly, Leila passed away in December, 2014.  Please see In Memory of Leila.

Old Boy LennySadly, Lenny passed away in October, 2013.  Please see In Memory of Lenny

Sweet Vincentina. Sadly, Vincentina passed away in May, 2013.   Please see In Memory of Vincentina.

Our Little Blondie. Sadly, Blondie passed away in July, 2013.  Please see In Memory of Our Sweet Blondie


Donations can be made via paypal or for other ways to donate please click here Please reference the name of the animal whom you wish to sponsor and please contact us or email so as we know how to thank you and keep you up to date on their progress.


Minimum monthly donation of 5,00 euros per dog please.

We will allow maximum 6 virtual adoption candidates per dog, giving every dog needing support a chance. Of course, should you wish to sponsor more than one dog, this would be absolutely possible!

The sponsored animal will always come first, but money raised in excess of what this animal needs may go to another virtual adoption candidate improving his/her life. By sponsoring one (or more) of our virtual adoption candidates you will make a difference to these lovely natured older dogs and cats.

Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.