April Sterilisation Campaign 2014

by SOS Algarve Animals on April 10, 2014

We have so very many wonderful people to thank that made our April Sterilisation Campaign possible. To everyone, sponsors, volunteers, the vets, the people who brought us the animals: thank you for your amazing help to all animals of the Algarve by making it possible to sterilise 220 dogs and cats. 190 of these animals were female. An average first litter size is 8 puppies or kittens. That means 1520 less unwanted puppies and kittens.


The sad reality is that there are far more puppies and kittens born in Portugal than homes to be found. Sterilization is the only way forward to improve the lives of all animals in Portugal.

Our first and biggest thanks to TH, our wonderful German partner, and their truly appreciated sponsorship of this campaign which made this possible. They sent 3 German vets, 4 members of their organization, and of course Dr. Anna, Dr. Anya and Andre. It is their help, their contacts, their money, time and ideas that made this possible and brought about this tremendously important work.

Our next thanks to Clinica Veterinaria Torrejao and Clinica Veterinaria Perra, who helped us organize and offered so much help, support, and went far and above the call of duty towards helping animals of the Algarve (all animals). We also think they are incredible vets…so if you are looking for a vet please use their services. They are the best and kindest.

More thanks to Merry Legs Pet Hotel…for their incredible support and to Birch Photography for their visit and photographs. Special thanks to June Barnard of Algarve Kitchen Angels for catering our yummy lunches, and to Don Camillo’s restaurant, Casa Sports Bar, and Nuno’s restaurant for lunches and dinners.

Now to our volunteers…everyone has worked incredibly hard, it was a hectic 4 days, from sunrise to past sunset, but it would have been impossible to have done it without your help. So a huge thank you to Melanie, Laura, Cal, Sam, Nicola, Stacey, Helena, Tatyana, Frytia and Karin…from us, from all the animals a big hug to you all.

And last but absolutely not least…to everyone who brought us the animals. To the organizations, to the owners, to the neighbours, to the drivers. Be it your own animal you were helping or not….it is you who brought us the animals, you who caught the animals, you who educate about the importance of sterilisation…it is only when we are working together that we will be able to improve the life of animals in Portugal.

220 animals are now sterilized…but we had to turn away more than that number and the requests for help are still coming in. Those cats and dogs are still unsterilized, still adding to the problem of the Algarve’s abandoned and unwanted animals.

Our biggest wish is to have another similar campaign very soon. But for this to be possible we need to raise 4000 euros. Can you help? Every penny counts. Little by little we will make this possible. Please consider sponsoring or donating,for more information visit donations.


For more photos please visit the April Sterilisation Album