Areeiro Rescue

by SOS Algarve Animals on August 16, 2012

Arriero Rescue:

Halley, Comet, Joey, and Julio. The dichotomy of Portugal never ceases to amaze. A small household with 3 generations of a Portuguese family living. Outside, on the main street, in the open, are three dogs. Two dogs have been there for at least 2 years, the third dog only arrived several months ago. Many people have seen them, cringed, and not known what to do. On Saturday August 11, finally, we rescued these poor souls.

The dogs were on chains that (at maximum) were one metre long. They were never walked, never came off the chain. That one metre was their entire life. They are fed bread soaked in water.  The water (when given) is absolutely filthy.  There are maggots in the food bowls.

One dog cannot reach his water bowl, he has to paw his water bowl to make it splash in to a puddle from where he can drink. The one dog’s chain is too short – while he has some shade in the morning, when the sun moves and in the heat of the afternoon there is absolutely no shade within his reach for hours.

The reason for having the dogs… to protect parts of the car from being stolen… The reason for the short chain, because they are near a road …

Hidden in the back is a tiny fenced area with a small dog who is petrified. He never comes out. The smell is atrocious. All the old food and toilet sits in the back of his prison.

We took the dogs. Finally. After years of their living with this abuse. They are so lovely, from the moment they came off their short chains so very very happy. All the dogs are simply starved for human companionship, they all roll over whenever you pet them, they all are doing everything they can to express how happy they are with what is only a little bit of care and affection.

The family wanted to keep the dogs. We requested to see all paperwork for the dogs – they had none. We told them if they did not give us the dogs we would return with the police. We have told them that if they wish to try to get the dogs back they will need to come to the GNR with their paperwork to file a report. We have told them we have photos of the situation and were responding to complaints. Our fear is that in these situations the family will get other dogs who will then have to go through the same abuse. We have told them that if they get another dog we will return promptly with the police. We informed them of their violations of the law and that the police would next be involved. We will continue to monitor the area for years…we did collect the evidence and we will return if they get another dog.

Please help us by sponsoring their care and especially their vet bills. All are negative for leish, all must be sterilized, vaccinated, and microchipped. To make a donation please either contact us by email or information on how to donate can be found here.  Please reference “Areeiro Rescue” or the dogs name on any donations by wire transfer or cheque.  For more information please just email or call.

So here are our new rescues. Please help us find the home and happiness that they so deserve.

Halley we had on lead for a long time while talking with the “owners”. At first she would not move. For years her entire world has been at the end of a 1 metre chain. But with just a little coaxing she overcame her unnatural fear. And in the car her tail just wagged and wagged. Halley is 6 years old. As we get to know here more we will update more photos and description. At the moment she is a very friendly, loving, if a bit shy and confused but we feel she will soon gain her confidence. Whenever you stroke her she immediately rolls over.

Comet has been the quickest to gain her confidence and she loves her freedom. As soon as she came off the chain she was ready to run. Again, a very friendly, loving, and gentle dog. She is 4 years old. Soon we will take Comet in to our centre and then share lots more information and photos.

Little Julio is a darling 6 kilo Pomeranian mix. He was hidden in the tiny kennel that he never came out of. When we reached in to lift Julo he did not even make a peep. He just let himself be lifted and put in the car, we were a little worried because he did not even move and his eyes were terrified. But when we got him outside and wet him down with a little water that was it, he was running around, playing, wagging his tail. Just a few days later and this little guy thinks the world is absolutely wonderful. He wants to explore and have fun. He is 6 to 7 years old. Sadly he has some cataracts in his eyes and this may need surgery. Julio has since had his fur shaved off as it was terribly matted, so he looks a bit funny now, but we will also soon post more information and photos.

And Joey, he is so gentle. He is a pit bull mix and definitely looks the scariest of the dogs. But this is all show. He is a gentle giant. As soon as you pat him he rolls over and is ready to please. Again, so very happy with just a little bit of the affection that he so craved. It was Joey who was left in the sun and could not reach his water. His collar was so tight he has massive sores and blisters. Joey is 2.5 to 3 years old. Joey should only be rehomed to a responsible and knowledgeable family without other male dogs. This suggestion is solely due to his breed. Joey’s situation is urgent as we do not have a long term place for Joey, and can only keep him for a few weeks. Our dogs at the centre live in a large pack and so we cannot properly care for Joey. He is looking for a new family or foster family. We cannot express the urgency of Joey’s situation… please if you are interested or know anyone who may be interested in fostering or adopting Joey share the link and information. We will soon post some far nicer photos of Joey.

Halley, Comet, Julio and Joey are now, finally, experiencing just a small amount of what life is supposed to be like instead of such misery. Please help us help them, by sponsoring their care or by adoption or foster or even by joing us as a volunteer and taking them for a dog walk.