In Memory of Bob

by SOS Algarve Animals on May 6, 2015

We are very sad to share that dear Bob passed away late last month. He had come into our care in response to a plea from the Albufeira municipal canil vet, he was an old dog and already unwell with tumours developing on his legs, they knew they could not care for him, they feared he may be dying, they also new that he deserved to be loved. He was the kind of dog that always wagged his tail, always smiled at you in the hopes of just the smallest affection.

We offered to take Bob into our care and hoped he would have several months at least. We knew this would always be a sad story. He arrived to us in early March and at the time he had a terrible wound on his neck as well as tumours on his legs. We treated his neck wound and he felt so much better. He then came to the Quinta and he ran around like never before… he would sleep in shady spots.. he made a new group of friends… he got very attached to Ginie and would always happily come when called… he even managed to escape under the fence and go chicken chasing… he was a character. He got the best of food the best of care and more love than he had probably ever known before.

Sadly there was nothing we could do for his tumours. They were growing fast and spreading onto his second leg. He started to slow down, he was always loving but did not seem happy any more and we knew he was in pain. Sadly our vet agreed and Bob was gently put to sleep, passing over the rainbow bridge while in Ginie’s arms.

Bob was only with us for 7 weeks. He was only with us due to the kindness of a special sponsor who read Bob’s story and offered to help by being Bob’s fairy godmother. Thank you Sarah for helping make Bob have this time at the end of his days so full of love.

Rest peacefully over the rainbow bridge dear Bob… may you have all the love and happiness that you so deserve.


Bob’s Story:

At the beginning of February 2015 we met Bob, an old dog living in the Camara Canil of Albufeira. A dog over 10 years old, dumped in Albufeira last year, he was brought into the camara canil.


We do not know where his history. He is definitely friendly and has known humans in the past. But in his elder years there he was, living alone and unwanted on the street, and then in a municipal camara canil.

As he has such nice and welcoming personality, he was allowed to roam free in the fenced field in front of the building at the canil. We were quite taken by him, as we have a true soft spot for old dogs, and it is a terribly sad destiny to have to live the end of their lives in a canil or overly crowded shelter situation, but he seemed happy and content.


But just a month later and we received an email from the canil vet begging for help for Bob. They could not care for him. He had started to develop tumours on his front leg and they had no means to let him live the short time he has left in his life in comfort.

Such a loving dog, so happy despite what he is going through, everyone just wanted to see him have even a few months of comfort and love.

We did not hesitate a second, and offered help immediately. He came into us just a few days later…. But already the situation had progressed. Nodules have started to form on his second leg. He had also been attacked by another dog and has a severely infected wound around his neck area.


Bob arrived at the vet clinic last week, his tumours on his left front leg have been cleaned, and medicated. He was sedated to clean and drain the wound on his neck, unfortunately it is severely infected and he will need to be on a designated course of antibiotics for a while. Hopefully later this week, he will be ready to move to the quinta to live with one of our volunteers until the end of his life…in comfort and surrounded by lots of TLC.


Poor sad old soul…we are hopeful he will have a long time with us, but it may only be months. We do need a sponsor to please help Bob so as he can receive the care he needs… some painkillers when that becomes necessary, some food that he really enjoys, and supplements for his immune system and joints.

More photos of Bob can be found by clicking Bob’s Album

If you can help by sponsoring Bob please reference “Bob” on any payment or send us an email to Please follow this link for more information about how to donate to help Bob