Boliqueime Rescue

by SOS Algarve Animals on September 16, 2012

In the back hills of Boliqueime, there was once a very successful construction business, the owner and employees had a very soft spot for the sad stray animals that arrived. They built a beautiful area where tired, weary dogs could stay. They tried to find them homes, but often this was not possible. All the dogs were cared for, taken to the vet, sterilized, every year they were vaccinated. A happy place for some very sad cases.

Then the economy struck, and sadly the business closed. No one was left to care for the dogs. Only one employee, Andreia, herself now out of a job with no income and little savings, is left caring for them all. There is no running water (that has been shut off). She has been going there on her own with no help for over two months. Every day she drives 40 minutes to bring them food and water.

We desperately need help to be able to feed these 10 abandoned dogs from now until November. Every euro will help, mostly with the costs of food, water and if possible a little petrol money to Andreia who is driving their every day. We will also gratefully accept goods donations. If there is anyone local to the area who would also like to help with taking the dogs food and water (they are all very friendly) please contact us.

We will work to try and find these dogs homes or safe places to stay. They are allowed to remain where they are until November. At that point, if no other solution is found, they will have to be taken to the municipal canil. We will all do our best to find them a more permanent solution, but for now we need urgent help with being able to give them temporary care.

There are 7 dogs in the fenced area, and 4 dogs living outside the area. One dog may already have found a home, and 2 dogs from outside are now under our care. But that still leaves a minimum of 7 dogs.

On all donations please reference “Boliqueime Rescue”. Monetary donations are most needed so as we can buy good food at low cost, but we will also gratefully accept donations of food or medicines (flee treatments, scalibur collars, and wormers). Information on how to donate can be found here and is also written at the bottom of this posting.

A complete photo album can be found here.

Many of the dogs have been at the compound for many years, many are all a bit older, but very loving and very sweet natured. If you are interested in offering any of these dogs a home, please contact us and we will send you more information.  These are the 10 dogs who so urgently need help:

Loba. Is a very pretty, outgoing, friendly large female, approximately 5 years old. She is already sterilized. She is a very nice, pretty and social girl who would make a wonderful family companion. We believe she is approximately 5 years old. Loba lives inside of the compound.

Shakira. An extremely sweet natured Staffordshire mix. Very loving and gentle. She was not sterilized, but as she lives outside the compound this was one of the first things we have done, although without a home to go to she was returned. Shakira tested negative for leish and is receiving treatment for micorfilaria.

Gulias. A lovely large male, social with all the dogs, very friendly. Already sterilized. He is approximately 5 years old. Gulias lives inside of the compound.

Nina. A medium sized female who is a little scared but very gentle. She is approximately 4 -6 years old. She is not yet sterilized but she lives inside of the compound and all the other dogs are sterilized so she is not at risk of becoming pregnant but we will have this done before she moves anywhere.

Mimosa. A medium sized female who is the most shy of all the dogs but extremely gentle. She is approximately 4-6 years old. She is sterilized. She lives inside of the compound.

Castanha. An older female who was a little worried by our group of visitors. We think she is 6-7 years old. She is sterilized. She lives inside of the compound.

Simao Senior. A small to medium sized male who we are a little worried about as he does not seem very healthy and we would like to get him to the vet. Unfortunately, this cannot be done immediately. He is very sweet natured and gentle. He is not sterilized. He lives outside of the compound.

Simao Junior. A little puppy born July 4th. He is the only puppy of the litter to have survived, his mummy is Sauscissa. He is a very calm, happy, open and friendly puppy. We have taken him into our care, he does have SARNA (a skin condition) is receiving treatment and once he recovers we expect him to be available for adoption in October. He was living outside of the compound.

Update September 17, 13:03 – Simao Jr. has now been reserved for a new home in Berlin, he will stay in foster care until he is well and healthy and hopefully travel to his new home sometime in October.  A complete photo album of Simao Jr. can be found here.

Salsicha. One of the shyest dogs but again very gentle and just needs to learn to trust. She had been living outside of the compound and is mummy to Simao Junior. We were very worried about her as it is obvious she was unwell and she was also at risk of becoming pregnant. We took her to the vet where she was diagnosed with SARNA, tick fever, and a uterus infection, but thankfully she did test negative for leish and heartworm. She is undergoing treatment. Once she regains her health she will move in with us where we will work with her socialization and eventual rehoming. She is 3 years old.

Jara. A very very friendly and energetic girl. She is one of the most recent dogs, perhaps arriving 4 months ago. She is not yet sterilized. She has happily already found a home through the help of another rescue group. She will be sterilized and soon move to her new home. She had been living inside of the compound, although separate to the other dogs.


For donations please visit “How to Donate” or to send by wire transfer please send to

Animal Aid SOS Algarve Animals
Bank: Barclays Bank, Almancil, PT
NIB: 0032 0188 0020 3517 132 11
IBAN: PT50 0032 0188 0020 3517 132 11
Reference: “Boliqueime Rescue”

For donations by cheque

Animal Aid – SOS Algarve Animals
c/0 Clinica Veterinaria Torrejao
Sitio do Torrejao
8100 -225 Loule
Reference “Boliqueime Rescue”


For donations in person

– Clinica Veterinaria and Merry Legs Pet Hotel will always accept goods donations for us, please clearly state it is for SOSAA and the Boliqueime Rescue. Or contact us and we will be happy to try and arrange a drop off or collection.


Thank you for your help and support and please contact us for more information by email or call 927 921 635.