Cindy and Rui – Two Beautiful Endings in Austria

by SOS Algarve Animals on September 1, 2012

Cindy and Rui were two of our special dogs whom we loved dearly. They were both lucky enough to travel to new homes in Austria in March, 2011. We just received the most lovely photos and updates of both dogs, who are now much beloved family pets and living the lives they so deserved.

Rui came from a local canil. He was a beautiful dog but after 2 to 3 years of living in the shelter and always having to defend himself he was very cautious and would not approach people. We saw Rui and how beautiful he was, although we remained uncertain as to how he would react if out of the shelter.

Several months after posting his story, Ingrid saw Rui’s photos and wanted to try and help him. So we managed to catch Rui and from the moment he walked out of the doors of the shelter he was a different dog who never looked back.

He is a wonderful, loving, sweet natured, and so very trusting after all those years. He is much beloved and as you can see very very happy.

For Rui’s complete photo album please click here.

Cindy was a very sad story and from a terrible situation. Her owner was English, life had not turned out as he expected, and so he had given up …which also meant he had given up on the care of his dogs, not even bothering to feed them. When we were notified and arrived at the location the situation was atrocious. Cindy was the worst case and we immediately removed her.

She had 7 puppies who were tiny and who she was desperately trying to keep safe. She herself was starved and on death’s door, weighing only half of what she should. It took us many months to get Cindy and her puppies healthy.

Although Cindy was always very loving she was also scared after the years living as she had. She went to a wonderful foster family, we took it slowly with Cindy, she learned to trust again.

All her puppies happily found homes. And then eventually Cindy was also lucky enough to have a chance at a new life and happiness in Austria. Well she has surprised us all and look her now. She truly deserves her happily ever after.

For Cindy’s complete photo album please click here and for the complete photo album of Cindy’s puppies please click here.

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