Diary From the Algarve Dog Show 2012

by SOS Algarve Animals on June 8, 2012

The Algarve Dog Show – 2012

The annual dog show in the Algarve, with a great focus on helping rescue dogs, is an event we look forward to every Spring. It is a tremendous opportunity for a charity to present themselves and their dogs. Participating and being successful is not a five minute decision and job. Weeks before the Show we start preparing and thinking about which dogs we would like to take, and foremost, which dogs are ready to go into a new home.

We truly want to know the dog inside and out, and have the animal completely ready for a show as important as the Algarve Dog Show. …..Weeks before the Show, a pre-selection of animals is being made, based on their character assessment and their health. Sometimes a dog is not ready for an event like the Dog Show, other times the dog is happily adopted before the Dog Show even takes place. So the first selection is made, and the dogs are prepared, their paperwork is prepared, there are medical checkups by our vet in the week before the show, and the endless job of grooming starts.

This year Kendro, Eddie, Boneca, Rabino, Dina, Jolly, Cindy, Poker, Kika, Tatiana, Duque, Sam, Blackie were all given a bath and a proper grooming session in preparation of coming to the show. Unfortunately for Duque, his skin condition has not improved, neither has he gained any weight, so it was decided it was not in his best interest to take him and he would stay home. The final grooming and preparation (fitting all the harnesses and collars, loading the van with all the boxes, etc) all took place on Friday.

On Saturday morning, the first morning of the Show, all the dogs went out for their morning run an hour earlier than normal, and then it was time to put harnesses on and convince them to enter the van. Just before ten we arrived at Fatacil Fairground and the dogs were taken out and settled into their boxes for the Show. All twelve were very relaxed and happily taking in all the new smells and movements. When the show opened at 11.00 hours, interested people immediately started to arrive and look at the dogs.

Just soon after the opening there was already serious interest in Eddie, a lovely male dog we have had for quite some time. This lovely family had been looking for a male dog for more than a year, and when they saw Eddie….they knew that Eddie was their dog. The family, Guillaume, Maria and Fatima took Eddie for a walk, and could not imagine life without him. The entire day Fatima and Guillaume kept appearing to take Eddie for walks and cuddles (he really had a lovely day!). They own a vinery and guesthouse outside Lagos, and they were at the Fair because they also had a stand. When they met Eddie they made all sorts of rearrangements to be able to go home from the fair early so as they could show Eddie his new home.

Many nice people visited our stand on Saturday, also a lovely couple John and Bronwen, who were looking for a small dog who would be their companion, a gentle sweet dog. After long talks, and John and Bronwen drinking a cup of coffee elsewhere discussing the decision amongst themselves, their choice was sweet and gentle Kika! Lucky little lovely Kika, a dream home all for herself. John and Bronwen bought all they need for her at the show, and they came back early Sunday to adopt Kika and take her to her new home…

Whilst these two adoptions were taking place, Angus won 2nd place with Kika, in the “Young Handlers” class, Christian won 1st place with Sam in the “Best Male Mixed Breed”, and Tatjana won with Cindy first place in “Most beautiful eyes”.

Our first Sterilization Voucher ever was sold, our new project aiming at obtaining more funds enabling us to keep sterilizing more and more female dogs.

Then Lisa, who had visited Blackie, our Labrador female, a week earlier showed up with her father and her male Labrador, and they took Blackie for a long walk along the fairground. Blackie was wonderful, confirming everything Lisa had thought, and Lisa and Blackie left at the end of the afternoon, to settle in to her new home and life.

Quite some people showed an interest in our two puppy’s Sol and Zara, but it was not until later in the afternoon, when a lovely family turned up and fell instantly in love with Sol. Claudia and Marco and their two girls were looking for a puppy who would fit into their home and family. After a long talk, and information exchanged both ways, the decision was made that Sol would be their new dog to be. Very cautious of adopting puppies at the show, an appointment was made for Tuesday for Sol’s new family to return and complete the adoption. At the closure of the Show, a lovely man whom we had been speaking with most of the day and had been watching Zara all day showed up with his partner to take Zara for a nice walk, and the plan was that they would sleep on the decision and get back to us on Sunday as to whether they would be able to offer lovely and beautiful Zara a great forever home. Shortly after this family left, and as we were finishing the last of our packing, another man arrived who had been working at the fair all day and had absolutely fallen in love with Zara. We explained the situation and he would also wait until Sunday to know whether Zara was available. Great news for both Zara and Sol who, with these interested persons, we decided did not need to come to the show the next day and could instead have a normal and less stressful day playing at home.

In the meantime, Sammy, was reserved to travel to Germany in the coming month!. So Sammy would not need to return to the Dog Show on Sunday. On Sunday we will have nine dogs with us. Let’s see what tomorrow brings for these lovely dogs!

On Sunday there was another nice and early start to the day, and all the dogs were happily playing off their energy bright and early. Upon arrival at the Show all the dogs settled very nicely and easily into their boxes, and were ready for the day ahead.

Kika was with us, and Bronwen and John showed up before ten o’clock, all excited, looking forward taking Kika home. All the papers were organized and Kika settled down very nicely in the backseat of the car for the journey to her new and loving home!

Also good news, Zara’s interested family would definitely love to have her. An appointment was made for Tuesday for Zara’s adoption to take place.

A lovely couple Brendan and Carrie arrived, they also have been looking for another dog for over a year. And when they saw Jolly….they were both head over heels in love. As they have another dog, who was not with them at the show, we reserved Jolly for them, and made the arrangements for them to come with their dog to our rehoming center on Monday and have the two dogs meet each other there, to see how they get on, before an adoption contract is signed.

Many lovely and interested people came by our stand, and some of them we knew from earlier adoptions! Always great to see these lovely dogs again: Jolie, Lavinia, Shafira, Patches , Pipa, Joven, Dahlia… And we may even have a new two or three really nice foster family!

Later on Angus took Villa into the young handlers class, and won 2nd prize again, and Mara took Poker and they won 3rd , and Angus won a second with Boneca!


We met some wonderful and lovely people on both days! Our dogs really enjoyed themselves, with the attention and all the walks they got. We all enjoyed ourselves.

A huge thank you to many of our volunteers and helpers without whom we could not have managed, so thank you to Dineke, Laura C., Tatyana, Maria, Caroline and family, Lidia and Angus. Thank you to Merry Legs for the use of their van. To the many donations we received of food, toys, blankets, and of course money. A special thank you to the show sponsors, Paws 4 Pets, Julie Pickering and family, and the Portugal News for choosing SOS Algarve Animals as the charity to be sponsored at this year’s show. Approximately 1400 euros were raised for SOSAA by the show, and including our own donations and collections we have raised close to 2000 euros from the weekend! Thank you everyone.

As the week following the show has progressed many people we met at the show have been in contact and there has been lots of activity. All went super with the adoption of Jolly and of Sol. The other dogs who were rehomed through the show are all fitting in extremely well, and only a follow up visit of Kika remains to take place. The only sad news is the adoption of Zara did not take place… and sadly (for us and Zara) the other lovely man had already adopted another puppy.

So until next year!

The team at SOS Algarve Animals.

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