Goods Donations

Your unwanted goods can always help!

Goods donations can be made:

In person:

Please contact us to visit us at our rehoming centre in Alamancil, Loule, Portugal

Or if you would like to leave a goods donation at our local vet, just bring it along, they are always happy to accept goods on our behalf:

    c/0 Clinica Veterinaria Torrejao, Sitio do Torrejao, Areeiro, 8100 -225 Loule, Portugal

By collection: Please contact us for more information

What the animals need:

  • Food
  • Clean blankets, towels and bedding
  • Collars and leads
  • Dog toys and plastic beds
  • Metal food bowls
  • Travel boxes
  • Dog kennels
  • Medicines and Anti-parasite treatments: Any unused or old (even expired) medicines can be used. Any medicine must be easily identifiable by the manufacturer
  • Wood and fencing

Dependent on where it is needed the most, we may give these goods to our own animals in foster care, animals in the shelters, or to animals living on the streets.

Contact Us if you would like more information about making a donation.