Money Donations

Animal Aid Associação Protetora dos Animais – SOS Algarve Animals
Charity Number/NIPC: 510205372
Donations can be made:
  • By Credit Card Via paypal, please click on the button:


  • Wire Transfer
Account Name: Animal Aid Associação Protetora Dos Animais
Account Holder Address: Almancil, Portugal 8135-163
Bank: Bankinter
Bank Address: N125, Almancil Portugal 8135
IBAN: PT50 0269 0188 0020 3518 6270 3
NIB: 0269 0188 00203518627 03
Account Number: 203518627



  • Cheque or Mail
 Please message us for our mailing address.  

And you are always more than welcome to  Contact Us for more information.

  • A few of the many ways that donations are used is for vet bills, to pay for travel to new homes abroad, to pay for food, flee treatments, wormers and of course daily care.  We also use funds for sterilizations and for other animal rescue situations in Portugal.  Sometimes, a special dog has special needs and their vet bills are higher than normal.  In these situations we often have a fund drive or virtual adoption to sponsor that animal’s special care.
  • If you wish  more information please contact us, our accounts are on file and meet all standards.  Donations do not go to administrative costs, so every penny you donate you will be certain is going to the animals and for the animals.