Ladies Lunch Club, October 2016

 A tremendous thank you to the Ladies’ Lunch Club of Almancil nominated SOS Algarve Animals and our sterilisation program as the beneficiary of their luncheon.  A fantastic 500 euros was raised, all of which will go towards the sterilisation of local cats and dogs.


Garden Tea Party, September 2016

We would like to share a tremendous thank you to Jacqueline Ekins and Anne, who held a fundraising tea party on Thursday September 22. An absolutely beautiful event, and a huge success. A superb 1000 euros was raised, 500 euros will be donated to SOS Algarve Animals for our sterilisation program and 500 euros will be donated to the Macmillan Nurses Charity – another worthy cause. A tremendous thank you to everyone who came and donated, and everyone who gave their time… and especially to Jacqueline and Anne for their motivation, and their generosity in hosting this tremendously successful event.


Vintage Tea Party at Quinta Jacintina, June 2016

What a wonderful and successful day was had June 15 at the Vintage Tea Party in celebration of the Queens birthday at Hotel Quinta Jacintina. A beautiful location, relaxed, fun, fantastic tea, cakes and sandwiches, games, auctions, even a star guest doggie…so many generous lovers of animals came to show their support. We cannot thank everyone enough for their kindness and generosity and we truly hope everyone enjoyed the lovely afternoon. We also cannot say enough in grateful appreciation of Sally, Hotel Quinta Jacintina and the staff at this beautiful boutique hotel. They organised the entire event for SOS Algarve Animals. Not only providing the stunning location, impeccable service, organising the games, music, prizes just about everything… but they also have staggered us with their generosity by gifting all that was provided. The food, drinks, music, even the many prizes have all been provided by Hotel Quinta Jacintina and Sally so that there are absolutely no costs to come off the amount raised and every penny raised will go towards the sterilisation of cats and dogs in the Algarve. Their love and support of animals in the Algarve, and this tremendously important cause, is without comparison. An astonishing 7282 euros was raised! Every penny of this money will go towards the sterilisation of cats and dogs across the algarve… either on the street or from low income families who cannot otherwise afford the operation. Not only helping with reducing the population of unwanted dogs and cats in the Algarve….. but with making the quality of life for each and every dog and cat helped that much better. An immense thank you also must go to the many volunteers for their kindness and tireless manning of the many games….Kev, Niki, Nicola, Shauna, Jenny, Richard, David and Liz… to name but a few, but there were many more helping behind the scnes. Thank you to everyone for your support, generosity and help in making the day such a success.


Bridge Weekend at Quinta Jacintina, April 2016

We are overjoyed by the kindness of everyone involved in making the bridge event held at Quinta Jacintina the weekend of April 8 such an amazing success.  A heartfelt thank you to everyone who attended, everyone who donated, our sponsors for all their gifts and a special thank you to everyone who worked so incredibly hard.  It is such a beautiful location and the entire weekend was magnificently run.  We are so happy to announce that the event raised an astounding €9200.00 euros.  This will make a tremendous difference to the work we do and the number of animals who we will be able to sterilise.  As all these funds will be used for sterilisation, we estimate that over the next few months we will now be able to sterilise another 175+ dogs and cats.  All will be dogs and cats either from the street or from low income families who could not otherwise afford this operation and who, without this help, would continue to give birth to yet more unwanted puppies or kittens.


 Charity Bizarre, June 2015

Our heartfelt thank you to everyone who made the Sunday charity Bazaar in June such a successful event. The wonderful tombola prizes (not to mention the huge Apolonia hamper), all the home made delicious cakes and cookies, the donated articles, what a wonderful joined effort this was. Everyone was so helpful, so generous with their time and effort, what a lovely event it turned into… It has been our first bazaar and we have enjoyed it all so much, we truly would love to repeat such an event again and we would be very grateful if anyone is again willing to help or be involved. While our focus is always the animals it has also been very lovely and rewarding to be able to help the Almancil community, and especially ASCA. In total we have received 483,50 euros, which means that we will now have the funding to sterilise 9 dogs (with a little left over) in our next campaign. And again, thank you to everyone who made the Bazaar such a pleasurable and joyful Sunday event.


September 2014 Florian Restraurante and Fado Night

A wonderful and lovely evening, with beautiful Fado music, delicious food, generous guests, and the always hospitable Piet & Karin and staff from Florian Restaurant. We raised an amazing 465 euro which will be used to pay towards our upcoming sterilization projects this year. Thank you all so much!  More photos, thank you’s and information about the evening can be found here.



September 2014 Spa”y”ghetti Charity Lunch – Camillo’s Restaurante Almancil

We would like to express our true-heartfelt thank you to all who joined us for the Spa(y)ghetti Lunch. It has been an absolutely wonderful lunch, the music by Ron Westerbeek, the delicious food from Camillo’s Restaurante, the not too easy Animal quiz, and all our wonderful supporters, made it an afternoon which will not easily be forgotten. We raised € 1078,80  (€ 948,80 plus € 125,00 ) including donations from supporters who could not come, but did make a very much appreciated and welcomed contribution!  More photos, thank you’s and information about the luncheon can be found here.


June 2014 Algarve Charity Series Golf Day

On Sunday 22 June, the first golfing event in the Algarve Charity Golf Series took place at the Pestana Vila Sol golf course raising funds for SOS Algarve Animals. We are very pleased to announce that an amazing amount of 2265 euros was raised. We would like to express our heartfelt thank you towards the participants, organizers, prize-givers, Birch Photography, Pestana Vila Sol Golf Course, and everybody involved behind the scenes. A special thank you to the sponsors, without their support it would have not been possible: Affinity Global Wealth; GMT 24; and SOS Sky Digital. And last not but not least, to the team at Affinity Global Wealth, who go far and above the call to help the community and the animals! More information about future golf days can be found at  For more information about this event please click here.


June 2014 Charity Classical Music Concert

14 June 2014 – Charity Classical Music Concert – Tavira – in aid St. Luke’s Anglican Church, Palhagueira and SOS Algarve Animals, Algarve.

What an amazing evening this was…beautiful setting and ambiance; beautiful and mind blowing piano music and voices. And we are delighted to announce that 900 euros was raised, 450 euros for each SOS Algarve Animals and St Luke’s Anglican Church. We would like to express a special thank you to Stephen and William, who initiated and organized the concert! To the musicians and everyone who helped them (the brochures and tickets were truly lovely). And of course to Frytia, who has been our liaison, organizer and sales lady on the day! Thank you all, again for a truly wonderful and enjoyable evening!  For more information please click here.


June, 2014 Algarve Dog Show

A huge thank you to everyone for all their hard work who was involved in making the Dog Show held June 6 and June 7 a huge success. Happily we raised almost 500 euros in just donations! So a tremendous thank you to everyone for your support and generosity. And As well as everyone who showed support by buying our merchandising…much of which will soon be for sale on line!  For more information please click here.


May, 2014  Sterilisation Campaign

2.5 days of sterilisation and thankfully we managed to help almost 100 cats and dogs. Again these were all animals either from the street, at risk of getting pregnant, or from extremely low income families. Again these were all animals who were having puppies and kittens every year….thankfully this now means less unwanted dogs and cats as well as a far better quality of life for the animals who were sterilised. Our hugest thanks to all our helpers, volunteers and the vet. Dr. Ana and Andre and her student Nicole performed all the surgeries….without them this would not have been possible. Dr. Carlos, Clinica Veterinaria Torrejao, and Merry Legs Pet Hotel, thank you for all your help, support, consults and for letting us turn everything upside down. And to our volunteers…without whom this work would simply not be possible.  For more information please click here.


May, 2014 Shirley Valentine Play in Silves

On Sunday 4 May 2014 Valerie Molyneux performed Shirley Valentine in the theatre of Silves for SOS Algarve Animals. A truly wonderful performance, our guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves! The response from the audience was more than positive and truly Valerie made a wonderful Shirley! After the play approx. 20 people joined us for dinner in La Barbinha in Silves, where the food, service and ambiance was equally wonderful! It was a superb evening out! A very special thank you of course to Valerie Molyneux, for the idea and the wonderful performance! and to Frytia & Shauna for helping in every way…! We raised 350 euros which will be used for sterilization of the animals in the Algarve.  For more information please click here.


April, 2014 Sterilisation Campaign

Our April Sterilisation Campaign was a huge success and over 220 animals were sterilised. To read more about this campaign please visit stories, April Sterilisation Campaign. Our biggest wish is to have another similar campaign very soon. But for this to be possible we need fundraising help. Can you help? Every penny counts. Little by little we will improve animal welfare in Portugal. Please consider helping us fundraise or donating, or if you need help with sterilisation please contact us by email to  For more information please read click here.


Dinner Band Night, November 29 2013

Thank you to everyone for being such a super support at our Dinner Band Night. An astonishing 2,500 euro was raised! That’s over 30 dogs we can now help sterilize. Thank you everyone for your help and for your generosity. What a super way to end the year. The only complaint we had was That We sold out … so next time more seats.


Christmas Dog Walk, December 8, 2012.

To those of you who were able to join us thank you!  From us and most importantly from our animals.  It was a very lovely day, the sun shining and all the dogs were very happy and truly enjoyed the outing.  It was also wonderful to see the many previously rehomed dogs and puppies join us, and know they are so very happy and loved by their new families.   Please open this link for our many thanks and many lovely photos….

Thank you – It’s A Dog’s Life Portugal: October 13 and 14, 2012.

We would like to thank so many people for all their support, for their donations, for their messages, sharing the albums, liking, and watching and chatting with Laura and Maria as they spent 36 hours living in a dog kennel as part of the Dierenopvangcentrum Amsterdam fundraising campaign.

To everyone who has donated and helped to raise over 1285 euros, a true and very special thank you from all of us, but especially our animals, for your generous support, for showing us that sometimes going a little bit out of our way, and perhaps being a little bit uncomfortable, is all so very worthwhile. Please visit the complete story here.

Dog Walk Afternoon: October 5, 2012

Thank you – A special thank you to all our dog walkers who arrived to the Open Dog Walk Afternoon Friday, October 5.It was a great afternoon, the dogs really enjoyed themselves, everyone who could got a chance to come for a walk. It was a very special afternoon, which we hope to repeat more frequently, and meant a lot to us and to all our dogs. More photos can be found here. If you would like to join us on future walks please follow our postings or send an email to


The Algarve Dog Show: June 2012

A huge thank you to many of our volunteers and helpers without whom we could not have managed, so thank you to Dineke, Laura C., Tatyana, Maria, Caroline and family, Lidia and Angus. Thank you to Merry Legs for the use of their van. To the many donations we received of food, toys, blankets, and of course money. A special thank you to the show sponsors, Paws 4 Pets, Julie Pickering and family, and the Portugal News for choosing SOS Algarve Animals as the charity to be sponsored at this year’s show. Approximately 1400 euros were raised for SOSAA by the show, and including our own donations and collections we have raised close to 2000 euros from the weekend! Thank you everyone.  For more information please read the story Diary From the Algarve Dog Show.

Fundraiser Benefit in Aid of Sterilization: October 7, 2011

On Friday night, October 7, SOS Algarve Animals held our first fundraiser with all proceeds being allocated to the sterilization of abandoned cats and dogs of the Algarve.   It was a lovely night, over 150 persons joined the event and showed their support, and almost 4,500 euros was raised.  As a group dedicated to finding homes for cats and dogs, we know that finding homes is only a short term solution to a very large problem.  If we never have another abandoned or unwanted puppy or kitten to rehome we will be out of work and happy!  So this is why for our first fundraiser all proceeds are going solely towards the paying for dogs and cats to be neutered.  As long as we are able, we will never say no to the neutering of a female when there is no other way to pay for that operation.   Sadly, the cost of sterilization is outside of the means of many families in Portugal, and so we feel organizations who help animals of the Algarve must also look towards the larger picture and assistance must be made available to stop the constant birth of unwanted puppies and kittens.  While it is impossible to help all animals of the Algarve, for every dog or cat whom you can help it means all the difference in the world.

Thank you to Quinta Shopping for allowing us to hold the event in such a lovely location.  To The Melting Pot, who provided the drinks, service and a tremendous amount of assistance.  To Fine Dining for the catering.  Tim and Circo Pequeno for the children’s entertainment, PartyLand for the lovely balloons and decorations, DJ Karlocci for the music, Celio Agostinho the photographer, and CPD Satellite for helping us with last minute technical issues.  And a special thank you to our tremendously helpful volunteers, to everyone else who supported this event and the many shops, services and restaurants who offered prizes.  And congratulations to Roger Eamont, who won the Wembley Ticket Raffle.   For the complete story please click here.

For many more photos of the event please click here or to donate to this cause please click here.

SOS Algarve Animals at Scruffts Dog of the Year Show: September 18, 2011

On Sunday September 18 we went to the Scruffts “Dog of the Year” Show. We found homes for five of our dogs Lucca, Dora, Eiddie, Dina, Joven….everyone was very well behaved. Also at the show was Dodger, Jake, Strella, Snoopdog, Alfie and Nona, who sadly did not find homes but they did have a lovely day and lots of attention.   Thank you to all our volunteers without whom we could not have managed.  For photos of the dog show please click here and for specific photos of our special visitors (our previously rehomed dogs Jessie, Patches, Lucia, Dahlia and Max, who came back to say hello) please click here.

Sommer Fest in Berlin with Verlorene-Fellnasen: September 18, 2011

Also on Sunday, September 18 was the Verlorene Fellnasen Annual Barbeque in Berlin. Ginie went on behalf of SOS Algarve Animals and has met many of the lovely and lucky dogs from SOS Algarve Animals that have found wonderful homes and families in the Berlin area with the help of this German group.  So thank you to them and all their volunteers and adoptants who give the Portugues abandoned animals a chance at the life and homes they deserve.  For photos of this event please click either the German album or Ginie’s album.

The Algarve Dog Show: June 4 and June 5, 2011

SOS Algarve Animals had a very successful weekend at the Algarve Dog Show in June. Over 15 dogs and cats found homes because of this event and over 400 euros was raised. So thank you to The Portugal News for sponsoring this wonderful weekend every year. For the complete story please click here.