February 2015 Sterilisation Campaign

by SOS Algarve Animals on March 5, 2015

On February 28, 2015 we held another one day sterilisation campaign.  46 cats and dogs were sterilised. The split was about half dogs and half cats…with about 90% of the animals being female, coming from all areas of the Algarve, from Tavira to Messines.

It was great to see so many elderly ( +6 years) female dogs being sterilised, the shocking part was finding out the number of litters of puppies these females have had in their lifetime. …..There were dogs who must have had two and and sometimes even three litters every year. We wish we could have brought them this help sooner.

Already the majority (95%) of the female cats was pregnant… while we know it is sad to abort… we also know that many of these street cats are struggling to survive without also having a litter of kittens to look after… there is unfortunately no other option unless we want an extra 50+ kittens. Amongst the street/feral cats we sterilised, over 20 cats came from one colony in Almancil, all black cats, caught and cared for by a lady living locally.

We cannot stress enough to all who work helping animals the importance of ensuring that if a puppy, kitten, dog or cat finds a new home they are a responsible new owner and the animal will be sterilised and microchipped and registered.

All the cats we sterilised have now had the top of their ear clipped, as an internationally recognized sign that the cat is neutered, the female dogs have had their ear tattooed with OVH 2015. The majority of dogs were also microchipped and registered.

We would like to thank the many people who brought these animals to the campaign. There were some owners at the campaign (perhaps 20%). All the other animals were being brought in either by neighbours or by caring animal lovers who understand the importance of sterilisation. And thank you also to everyone who donated towels and bedding….we had loads it was super!

We also send our greatest thank to our the team who made this campaign possible…. To our helpers Shauna and Nicola, and to our vets and assistants at Clinica Veterinaria Torreajao, Dr. Carlos C and Dr. David, and to Sarah and Claudia. Thank you all for making this important work possible.

After deducting donations that came in with the animals we believe the campaign will have cost us approximately 1500 euros. Thankfully we had a sponsor for the campaign from a donation received last year.

But we also have great news… as we wrote previously we had over 80 requests to for sterilisation in this campaign for only 40 spaces… and so we made a special appeal for donations. Thank you to everyone….and we will soon write more… but we believe we have already raised 800 euros of our 1700 euro goal… so still a ways to go but we are already able to schedule some of the more urgent cases for sterilisation.

To make a donation to help this work continue please click on paypal or visit http://sosalgarveanimals.com/donations/money-donations