Florian Fado Night!

by SOS Algarve Animals on September 22, 2014

How the neutering  of one abandoned black  cat is allowing us to neuter 10 more!


In August we were contacted by Karin & Piet from Florian Restaurant in Quinta do Lago with the request of helping to catch and castrate an abandoned black male cat. We offered to bring the trap to see if he would go in. On the day of dropping off the catrap, the cat in question was there, looking at it all with great interest. Before we knew it he was cauught. He was castrated and retrurned and released the next day. Happy with the result, Piet & Karin offered us a fundraising activity to raise more money for our sterilization projects on their Fado Night on 2 September. A wonderful and lovely evening, with beautiful Fado music, delicious food, generous guests, and the always hospitable Piet & Karin and staff from Florian Restaurant. We raised an amazing 465 euro which will be used to pay towards our upcoming sterilization projects this year.

Thank you all so much!  To visit Florian on Facebook please go to  https://www.facebook.com/florian.restaurante.3?fref=ts  and for more photos of the evening please go to the album.