Gentle Delia – Virtual Adoption

by SOS Algarve Animals on September 9, 2012

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Original Posting May, 2011

We first saw Delia at a local canil in February, 2011. She was beautiful, but so scared. She was nursing 3 puppies. We began trying to help Delia and the puppies, but sadly the puppies were unwell and not only were were we not allowed to move them, we were also not allowed to go into their cage.

Sadly, the puppies did not survive. After this traumatic experience we moved Delia as soon as we could. We then found out that Delia was not even the mummy of the puppies. Instead, Delia had been brought in to the shelter by the municipal camara with another dog “Doreen”, who was actually the mummy. There had been 6 puppies, 3 stayed with Doreen. And 3 were with Delia. The puppies with Doreen had survived, but how sad and what a horrible situation and needless mistake. Doreen had more confidence than Delia, and Doreen and her puppies all happily found homes.

Delia was neutered and moved into foster care with Ginie. Although Delia has the gentlest of nature, she was afraid of everything the first couple of days. Her prior experiences with people have not been positive.

After months with Delia and when she was happy and more confident, Delia found a new home in Portugal. But Delia was not yet ready to be separated from her foster mummy, she escaped and made it to the road as fast as she possibly could. Fortunately, the foster mummy was still there and promptly picked Delia up bringing her back home.

After this happened happily Delia’s foster mummy decided it was best if Delia stayed with her and maybe forever. With her foster mummy Delia is sweet, cuddly, happy, always wagging her tail. But she remains scared of new people. But as the foster mummy cannot afford another dog Delia needs help by being sponsored for virtual adoption.


Update June, 2012

Delia is still improving, she only trusts one person completely but she is trying to trust the people she knows.

Her foster mummy is still the only one who witnesses the wonderful and lovely dog she is, her cheerful and energetic character, and how happy she can be, jumping up and down, loving her cuddles. Delia is living with 5 other dogs and 2 cats, and she loves the cats!.


Update September 2012

Delia has settled in really well at our new location.  In the beginning she was a little escape artist, she managed to show up on the wrong side of the fencing many a times.. We searched endlessly for holes in the fence, which there were none, and one day Delia was spotted disappearing into the ground…she found a drainpipe which took her outside the perimeter, this drainpipe allowed her to go walkabouts in the area…she was the only dog who discovered this drain and used it for her walks..Always happily coming back when called…on the wrong side of the fence.

Delia is a very smart dog, and loves to be with the people she trusts, unfortunately there are only very few people still who can touch her. She is always around her fostermummy, and she will curl up next to her on the couch, enjoying the cuddles and attention. A lovely girl who has had a terrible past, completing losing her trust in people..but slowly very slowly trying to regain her confidence.


We need your help for this very special little girl, so as she can stay in our care, where she is happy, where she has learned to trust, and so as she can continue to forget about her life before.  We estimate Delia was born in 2008.  For a complete photo gallery of Delia and her time with us please click here.

For more information about how to sponsor Delia please contact us. Payments can be made by wire transfer or cheque, click on how to donate for information. On any payment please reference “Delia” and send us an email to so we can say thank you and also send you further updates about Delia.