Help – It’s A Dog’s Life Portugal

by SOS Algarve Animals on October 4, 2012

Click Here for the direct link and information to the Campaign (available Dutch, English and Portuguese).

On October 4, World Animal Day, an animal shelter in Holland is beginning what they hope to slowly become a far bigger and even international animal campaign. The animal shelter is Dierenopvangcentrum Amsterdam and it is the biggest shelter in Holland. They were recently visiting Portugal, and we had the opportunity to meet with them. The care and morality towards animals by the Dutch, to animals from their own country as well as those from abroad, is astounding. Dierenopvangcentrum Amsterdam has a wonderful shelter, with many “Dutch” doggies. Compared to what we are used to in Portugal their facilities are already rated with 5 stars. The funds they generate will be donated towards the reconstruction and refurbishment of their play areas

Unknown to many, Portugal has one of the highest percentages of animal abuse and abandonment in the world. Sterilization is the only way forward in reducing the number of unwanted dogs and cats, not only in Portugal, but all over the world. But the animals of Portugal, the animals of Holland, they do not know to which country they belong, they only want to be safe, cared for and loved. They need help, our help.

So beginning on October 4th, various people from the public will be staying in the kennels of this shelter. They will eat, breath, live a dog’s life to know what it is like to be a dog in a shelter in Holland. And we have been invited to join the occasion.


Laura McGeoch of SOS Algarve Animals and Maria Varela of CIAA (Combate a Indiferenca e Abandono Animal) will be travelling to Holland to live the Dutch dog’s life. The whole experience will be publicized and they can be seen live on the web cameras. They will be in their kennels Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 October from 08.00 – 20.00 hrs. They will sleep and eat in the kennels, go for play time… we are unsure if they will be taken for walks.

Laura and Maria are seeking sponsors for their stay in the Dutch doggie kennel. The funds they raise will come back to the animals of Portugal, to the care and sterilization of our own abandoned animals.

 Live web camera links (and there are already people in the kennels) can be found at

And the Dutch website for Help – It’s A Dog’s Life and the involvement of SOS Algarve Animals here

Laura and Maria will be in their kennels Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 October from 08.00 – 20.00 hrs.

Visit their cameras and sponsor their cause.

All money raised by Laura and Maria will return to Portugal for the animals… please watch their plight and donate to this very worthy cause.

For more information and how to donate please open “Help, It’s A Dog’s Life” Donate

Donations can be made via paypal and via direct wire transfer.

We would love to see this action return every year on 4 October, World Animal Day, in Portugal, Holland and around the world. We also thank the organizers for inviting us to join this campaign. It is a problem of Portugal, but the animals do not know they are Portuguese, they only know that they need help, our help.

Laura is a founder of SOS Algarve Animals, information also available on facebook

Maira is founder of CIAA Combate a Indiferenca e Abandono Animal