Help Save Chrissie’s Leg – Please donate towards her operation!

by SOS Algarve Animals on September 11, 2012

Update September 11:

Yesterday Chrissie was on her way to her new life in Holland.  She will first move in with a foster family where they will continue her rehabilitation.  Perhaps not so much swimming in the pool as in Portugal, but definitely lots of walks on the lead.

She has turned into a wonderful little dog, she has been in foster care for the last 6 weeks.  She is super friendly, she can stay home on her own, she still likes to chase the cats if given the chance… but only because she thinks they are fascinating and wants to play… she actually really thinks cats could be great friends (sadly the cats did not agree).  She is a sweet girl, a loving companion, and she is really hoping that unlike her last foster mummy this time she will be allowed to sleep in the bedroom — that is what Chrissie dreams of.

Tremendous thanks to Frytia, who was the flight parent and helped Chrissie fly to Holland, and to everyone who donated to Chrissie’s cause and made this possible.

A complete photo album of Chrissie can be found here. We hope soon to have more news, photos and updates of how Chrissie is in Holland.


Update August 2:

Last weekend Chrissie moved to foster for special rehabilitation. Until then we were very concerned as Chrissie was still not using her leg, and unless she began to use it and to stretch the muscles all the good work done by the surgery would be for nothing. So Chrissie’s routine has changed…. She gets to live in a lovely foster family (and Poker has also gone to the same foster so as they have one another for company), and she is swimming every day and going to soon start walks on lead in the sand.

(Even Poker is getting swim time...)

In just 5 days, from the swimming alone, Chrissie’s progress is amazing. Even though she does not like it she is a great little swimmer, she uses all her legs, and especially her bad leg she is using fully in the pool, stretching it all the way. And today, she went back to see the vet and he is amazed.

Although she is on antibiotics as there is too much swelling at the back of the joint, she is now using her bad leg whenever she is walking slowly, she is balancing on it and supporting herself with all 4 legs… something she has never done before. We are really optimistic that she will regain about 90% use of this leg. So we will keep the rehabilitation going, keep the care and love, and hopefully by the next update the news will be even better. Thank goodness it is a nice time of the year in Portugal for swimming!

Thank you again to everyone who has made this possible.  Chrissie is a wonderful little dog. She gets along with everyone and everything, very playful, very funny, very kind. She would still like more human company and to be truly a part of the family (at her foster she does stay in a separate area with Poker and not the house) but she never complains, has only been heard to bark once, and is very very easy going, sweet and lovely to care for. Although…. if she thinks it might be time for her swimming lessons she would prefer not to be caught!


For more photos of Chrissie swimming and playing in her new foster home please click here.

Update July 2:

Last week on June 26, Chrissie had her operation and it has gone very very well. She will regain complete use of her leg! It did involve the insertion of a plate, and it was a complicated operation, but the vets are very optimistic. She will always have a slight bend in this leg, there is nothing that can be done to correct this, but that’s ok with us so long as she can use it properly.  Here are her new x-rays.

We were there when her bandage was changed the next day, and although this hurt poor Chrissie all she did was frantically lick the hands of the person holding her to make us try and stop. She truly is an extremely gentle, sweet and loving little girl. Today she is running around quite happily although feeling a bit sorry for herself as she is wearing a vet collar. She is definitely going to need some special rehabilitation so for the moment she will continue to stay at the vet until it gets better.

Thank you again to all our special sponsors who donated towards making this possible for Chrissie.

For more photos of Chrissie please click here.

Update June 16, 2012:

In happy news, although we did not plan on posting Chrissie as available until after her operation, she has now been offered the chance to go to a new home in Holland with Podencoworld.  They made a wonderful campaign to help raise funds for Chrissie’s operation, and a volunteer and foster family has read Chrissie’s story and would love to be a ble to help and offer Chrissie a chance to find her forever home in Holland.  She will still stay with us for her operation and rehabilitation, and it will be a long road to recovery, but now it will be one with a happy ending and comfy bed awaiting Chrissie.

There are also some lovely new photos of Chrissie anxiously awaiting her meal at feeding time available here.


Update June 14, 2012:

We have reached our 500 euro target! Tremendous thanks to everyone who has donated so that we can get poor Chrissie the operation she so badly needs. She will be scheduled to have her operation in two weeks time. First she needed her vaccination, which has been done.

Please stay tuned for more information, there will be regular updates on her wellbeing and progress. It will be a long road to recovery and we do expect to have other expenses for Chrissie and her rehabilitation… so further donations are always appreciated and needed, but the most expensive part is the surgery which she can now have. It is not an easy operation, we are going to be worrying about her, but we keep our fingers crossed and trust in our vets that everything goes well.

Tremendous thanks to Chrissie’s suppoters and their generous donations:
– Received:
12/6 Podencoworld, Holland 255
10/6 Mrs D.v.G, Portugal 50
9/6 B. Family – Portugal 50
9/6 Mrs E.F. – UK 245
end June Mr T.G. – Portugal 20


Original Posting June 8, 2012

In the middle of rush hour on a Monday morning we had to make a very quick and very illegal u turn across four lanes of traffic for a little dog stuck in the middle of the road dodging cars. No one was stopping! So we swung around as fast as we could blocking off the entire 4 lanes of traffic and shooed the dog to the side. Then we pulled over and the little dog was so happy to see us! She looked like she had already been hit by a car as her front leg was badly injured. A funny girl just happy to be getting attention and oblivious to the danger, she ran crazy circles around us trying to play. Not very safe if you remember the road. So we managed to get her attention and stop the play time to pick her up. She happily sat on our lap to the vet, very loving, kissing all over our faces.

At the vet we discovered this is not a new injury. Her leg was broken about 8 weeks before and without any treatment it has grown together in a terrible way. Chrissie is only 8 months and to have survived this pain all on her own is so very sad.

Because the injury is relatively new it can be re-broken and reset. At the moment it is dead weight and she cannot straighten it at all properly to put it on the ground, let alone use it. Unfortunately, this is a complicated operation, far more so than an amputation. The bone will have to be carefully re-broken, avoiding any damage to ligaments, veins, and so on. Then it will be reset, with a metal plate and screws. And then the long process of rehabilitation will start, 2-3 weeks in a cast, and then at least two months of regulated and reduced exercise. This will not be easy on Chrissie, being so lively and energetic.

For Chrissie we have decided that because of her age, and with her energy and love to offer, that if we can raise the money for this operation she will live a complete and happy life, and be able to walk and run again.

She is a very sweet and very loving little dog and truly deserves this chance. She only weighs 12 kilos and will maybe grow a tiny bit more. When we went back to visit her she was so happy to again see her rescuers that she takes her bad leg and taps it on the door with excitement to try and get attention!

The operation is estimated to cost 500 euros, and we ask for your help to save Chrissie’s leg.  At the moment she is staying at the vet, but little has been done except to give her basic treatment as we must first be able to pay for the operation.  Please help!  She is a sweet loving little girl who desperately needs help.

Donations can be made as follows (please reference “save chrissie”).

By wire transfer to:

Animal Aid SOS Algarve Animals
Bank: Barclays Bank, Almancil, PT
NIB: 0032 0188 0020 3517 132 11
IBAN: PT50 0032 0188 0020 3517 132 11


Cheque by mail payable to Animal Aid SOS Algarve Animals, address:

SOS Algarve Animals
c/o Clinica Veterinaria Torrejao
Sitio do Torrejao
8100-225 Loule

Please reference “Save Chrissie”

For Chrissie’s special photo album please click here.