Honey And Puppies – Rescued by A Local School

by SOS Algarve Animals on January 29, 2013

Update February 26, 2013:


Well it is happy news for Honey’s puppies. Now about 6-7 weeks old they have been named Bailey, Toffee and Miel.  They are wonderful little puppies, very happy, friendly, social, outgoing and adorable.  And happily all three are reserved for new homes.  Bailey has a new home here in Portugal, and Toffee and Miel have new homes in Germany.   They are still too young to move to their new homes and remain in the loving hands of their foster family.


Honey is a lovely dog, very sweet natured, friendly.  She was separated from the puppies and sterilized February 19th.  Since then she has been staying at our rehoming centre until she properly recovers and will be going back to her owner and the school very soon.


For more photos of the puppies, please visit our animals reserved.

Original Post Jan 29, 2013:

Two weeks ago, during a school run, we were shocked to run into a very sweet, loving mummy dog in the parking lot of the Escola Internacional Sao Lourenco.  A few inquiries later and it  was a call to action…..This lovely dog, called Honey, belongs to a neighbour, unfortunately though he is not the most attentive of owners, although Honey does seem happy and unlike so many she does have her freedom and a safe place to live. 

So immediately realizing the problem, and not wanting to leave the puppies where they were, we offered to take Honey and puppies in to our care.  One of the teachers crawled under the cabins to bring the puppies out, and mummy and puppies were taken immediately to the vet. 

The puppies were only new born, and sadly they were not doing very well in the cold nights, without proper care or nutrients.  After several days only three puppies survived, as even with proper food Honey did not have enough milk to care for so many puppies.

Honey and the three puppies (2 girls and 1 boy) are now in the loving hands of a volunteer foster family.  They have just opened their eyes!  So we think their date of birth is about January 15.   Once they are a little older they will be posted as available and will need to find loving homes and families of their own. 

Mummy Honey will also be sterilized before she is brought back to her owner, so as there are no more unwanted puppies born.  And this will mean that Honey can live a far longer and happier life without having to struggle to care for litter after litter of puppies.  

But our thanks go to the school, for their understanding of the situation in Portugal.  For knowing that while they also must care for the students, Honey was a gentle girl and she and her puppies also deserved a chance to find safety, to find food, and proper care.  Many other businesses, schools, restaurants would have simply called the munipal camara…. And for Honey and her puppies that would have been a death sentence…

So we are more than glad to help, this is what we do, and here is hoping that the puppies will all soon find special loving homes. 

To be able to respond like this, to help Honey and her puppies, to care for the puppies, provide food, vaccinate and most importantly sterilize Honey…it all costs money.  In total Honey and puppies will cost approximately 250 euros (food, Honey’s sterilization, wormers, vaccines).  To donate either food or money please visit  how to donate.  A collection tin is also at the local school and all money received into this tin will go towards the care of honey and her puppies.  To make a donation via the website for Honey and puppies please just reference “honey” to any payments made by paypal, transfer, or cheque.

We will keep all updates, money raised, and the future of Honey and puppies updated on the website or facebook!

Please help us keep helping!

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