Hope – Rescued

by SOS Algarve Animals on July 1, 2013

Update August 24:

Hope (aka Cora) has now fully recovered from her ordeal. She is turning into a truly beautiful dog, especially her nature. After what she went through she is so happy and loving and grateful for the smallest kindness. Hope is seeking her family. She is less than one year old and we believe she is a Fila de Sao Miguel, a Portuguese breed from the Azores. As of this posting Hope is seeking her family and her information can be found under Available Medium Dogs.



June 6 was a special day for Hope and the day that changed her life. She was starving and had given up. She could not continue any longer. Someone’s dog once before, they have cut her ears and tail terribly. Just 10 months old. She was abandoned and unable to continue. She collapsed at the side of the 125…she had given up, just could not go on any more. A lady saw her, just lying flat at the side of the busy road, and she thought she had to have been hit by a car and badly injured. She called us and was told to take her immediately to the vet. She put her in her car and still Hope barely moved. But by the time she got to the vet, she had just enough energy to lift her head….and then she got some food…finally…and water. And Hope…there is nothing wrong with her…except for what has happened to her. Except for being abandoned, starved and abused. So yesterday Hope came into us, after she gave up, after she could no longer continue. And this is why we do this, so as we can give Hope the ending, the happiness, the love and care she had thought impossible.


For more information about Hope and her progress please visit her album.

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