Hope’s Journey and Happy Ending

by SOS Algarve Animals on January 29, 2014

June 6 was a special day for Hope, and the day that changed her life.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThat day she was starving and had given up. She could not continue any longer. Someone’s dog once before, they have cut her ears and tail terribly.

Just 10 months old she was thrown out and abandoned.  She was lost and walked the streets but she could not continue anymore, her feet were sore, the pads of her feet burnt from walking, her claws were worn down and she had not eaten for a very long time.  She collapsed at the side of the 125.  She had given up, just could not go on any more.

A lady saw her, just lying flat at the side of the busy road, and she thought she had to have been hit by a car and badly injured. She called us and was told to take her immediately to the vet. She put her in her car and still Hope barely moved.

But by the time she got to the vet, she had just enough energy to lift her head….and then she got some food…finally…and water.

These photos are of Hope after being at the vet receiving special care for one week.  There was nothing to her, she weighed only 14 kilos, after several months in our care she weighed 24 kilos.IMG_4534


And Hope…there was nothing wrong with her…except for what has happened to her. Except for being abandoned, starved and abused.

After the vet Hope came into our care.  Finally, after she gave up, after she could no longer continue, one lady saw her and would not leave her, and so she found the help she needed.  Hope could only eat small meals to start, never before had she been properly fed.  It is only people who can starve a dog…for a healthy dog living on the steet they will never be as emaciated as Hope became.

Hope turned into a happy, loving, amazing natured dog.  But it was hard to find her a home, no one saw the amazing nature and love Hope had to offer. This is Hope after 3 months in our care, a happy truly loving dog.

SOS_06.11.13_1-14Then finally…a family in Germany read Hope’s story.  They have another dog who looks very similar to Hope, and they had the space and love to offer to another dog.  So Hope..her journey from being so abused that she no longer could continue…it has the ending that she so deserves.  That every dog deserves.

This is Hope now, much loved and living with her new forever family.





Thank you for to everyone who helped Hope, who help other dogs like hope, and give them the ending, the happiness, the love and care that would otherwise be impossible.