In Memory – Grandma Britt

by SOS Algarve Animals on September 6, 2012

In memory – Grandma Britt…

Our dear sweet little Britt is no longer with us..she died surrounded by love on 31 August 2012. Until last week, Britt had been a really happy dog, strolling around, and sniffing around and enjoying her life. Many hours she spent sitting under a tree outside the chicken pen…just watching them for hours on end….it was her own live chicken tv…

On Sunday she was found in her basket, not willing to go out, no interest in her food..just curled up in her bed. And Britt not wanting to eat something, is a bad sign… On Monday she was slightly more active, but not her usual self at all. On Tuesday she was down again, on Wednesday she seemed a little better..she seemed to have great difficulty with the hot weather.. We are missing her tremendously, she has been such a loving and wonderful dog, rescued from the local canil 1,5 years ago, where she was dumped by her owner…a 10 year old dog, being disposed off as garbage…


We are glad we rescued her, and all of us and the volunteers enjoyed walking her, cuddling her, and grooming her, she was an absolute joy to have around….

Thank you to everyone who sponsored Rosie’s care under virtual adoption and helped her have the happiness she so deserved during her time with us and to ML Pet hotel, who cared for her for so many months.

Dear Grandma Britt, rest in peace, we will never forget you….

Britt moved in with us and our other rescues in the winter, 2012. Until then she had stayed at the dog hotel where they adored her, but when she moved in with us she was able to roam free and got more walks with our volunteers. A truly sweet natured and lovely girl, she is very happy and loving.

We found Britt in April 2011 when she was brought into a local shelter. At 10 years of age she looked so forlorn and sad, and we were devastated to see a dog of her breed and age being dumped at this stage in her life. To make matters worse, she also appeared to be pregnant. So we rescued Britt and, after being spayed, she first stayed at the dog hotel. She is loving and affectionate, superb company and always wagging her tail in the hopes of going for a walk or having a bit of a cuddle. She gets along with just about everyone and everything, and it will take only a little care and love (and a comfy bed) for Britney to feel like she has found the best home in the world. We believe Britt was born in 2001, but perhaps she was older.

A memorial photo album of Britt and her time with us as a virtual adoptant is available here.