In Memory of Lenny

by SOS Algarve Animals on October 21, 2013

For most of Lenny’s life he dreamed of someone to help him.  Sadly it took almost 10 years for help to come for this lovely boy…He had lived his entire life (from the time he was a puppy) in a local canil.   He had no comfy bed, no people, little to no care.  Despite all of this Lenny was full of love, he adored people, he adored company, he was a big cuddly bear.



We were asked to help Lenny in November 2012 when his story was published by the canil where he had lived his whole life.    He came into our care and we hoped that that he would be adopted…someone would fall in love and feel the need, the pull from their heart, to help this lovely dog…sadly no one did.


Lenny soon after arriving into our care.

So Lenny stayed with us and we did what we could to make him happy and comfortable and to know a little affection at the end of his days.  He had more care and love than he had ever known before and for every small comfort he was given he was grateful.

He was an amazing personality and truly a great dog to have in your life. He would have made a wonderful companion.  He spent his days with us wondering around, snoozing and enjoying the sun, finally enjoying his life of freedom, filled with love and care. Above all Lenny loved his food, his bowl of lamb & rice was always devoured and cleaned spotless.


Never missing an opportunity for a cuddle, visitors were always welcomed by Lenny… During the hot summer months, Lenny aged, slowly but steadily.. He went deaf, and lost track of where he was going, he started to cry… but when he no longer wanted to eat, and was losing weight too fast to be safe…..the signs of something bad happening wer all there.  The vet came and checked him over and confirmed his organs were failing, Lenny was in pain and he was never going to get better.  The hardest decision of all had to be made, the decision to set him free…and let him go…


We wish we had been able to help Lenny sooner…we wish there were more people willing to help older dogs…we wish that Lenny had never had to grow up in a canil, we wish he had known a true home….but as none of those wishes came true at least there was love, kindness, comfort and happiness at the end of Lenny’s days.

R.I.P. Sweet Lenny

Please consider the adoption of an older dog so as other cases like Lenny can know the love they so very much deserve.  And if you are taking a dog to a shelter please consider it is likely it will be the last place he or she ever sees.

We would also like to thank those, who while they could not adopt Lenny, knew his story and still wanted to help him.  Thank you to Ilona, Nina, Tierisch Happy and many of their kind supporters and donators as well as some of our kind Portuguese supporters who sponsored Lenny’s care, his joint supplements, and allowed us to make his time in our care as comfortable as we were able.  If you would like to help by sponsoring a dog like Lenny please see more of our dogs available for Virtual Adoption.