In Memory of Our Sweet Blondie

by SOS Algarve Animals on July 17, 2013

Very sadly Blondie passed away last week.  Blondie had been lovingly cared for by Sarah, Torrejao Vet, and Merry Legs Pet Hotel, and many visitors may have seen her coming out from the little house to say hello.


Blondie for a walk on the beach with Sarah, thank you Sarah for all the love and happiness you gave to her.

An extremely sweet dog she had been found abandoned over 2 years ago running lost along the side of the street.  And we will never forget how happy (and quick!) she had been to jump in the car, how badly she wanted and needed help.   We are certain she had a home before she was wearing an old collar, was even already sterilized, but covered in flees and ticks and there was no one nearby where we found her.  We tried to find her owner but of course could not.

When we took Blondie to the vet she tested positive for heartworm, leish and tickfever.  Her treatment was sponsored and she recovered very well.  But sadly even after her treatment and although she had such a lovely nature, no one was interested in offering her a home…so when we had no more options for Blondie the pet hotel offered to help, and she moved in to their front entrance and Sarah became her guardian angel.

Blondie was with SOSAA for virtual adoption, and we thank all her sponsors as her medication was expensive and we could not have helped Blondie without your help.

Recently we had been worried about Blondie, it seemed like her heart was slowing down and we had discussed the possibility that it was time to put her to sleep so as she was not in pain.  But some days she seemed fine, and other days she seemed tired but not in pain.  And then one afternoon Blondie passed away peacefully in her sleep.

May this sweet dog, who only ever wanted to make you happy and be loved rest peacefully in doggie heaven.