In memory – Sweet Rosie

by SOS Algarve Animals on September 6, 2012

Sweet Rosie is no longer with us, she died on 31 August 2012 surrounded by love. After a life full of ups and full of downs, she has found forever peace. Her health had been going down for some time now, and despite all the love and care, Rosie had no idea where she was, or what she was doing..she had some good moments, but lately she was becoming more and more grumpy, snappy and barking endlessly, like a lost dog, not knowing where to go… Rosie will always be remembered by many of us, she was a great character, always around, and always in for a run in the morning. Britt and Rosie became good friends and spent many happy hours together..Britt watching the chickens, Rosie trying to chase them from time to time..

Thank you to everyone who sponsored Rosie’s care under virtual adoption and helped her have the happiness she so deserved during her time with us.

Sweet Rosie, rest in peace, you will never be forgotten…

Rosie came into our care from the dog hotel on February 25, 2012.  She had been at the dog hotel since May, 2011 when her owner had become sick.  She was so sweet and loving and got along very well with all the dogs and people.  Rosie belonged to an elderly man who had alzhimers and had to move to a nursing home. His son contacted us for help. There were about 6 dogs but they were old and sick and father and son decided to put them to sleep, but the father begged his son to help save Rosie. Sadly, we found out that for the 6 months priorthe gypsies had been tormenting the old man and his dogs! Breaking into the house while the old man was at home and threatening him and hitting the dogs with sticks! Rosie used to try to defend her owner but soon became too scared and retreated under the bed! The experience left her very nervous but now that she is again secure she has regained her confidence and she has a lovely and kind personality.  We believe Rosie to be born in 2000.

A memorial photo album of Rosie and her time with us as a virtual adoptant is available here.