January, 2013 In Review

by SOS Algarve Animals on February 2, 2013

January saw the year get off to a super start, but already very busy.  25 new animals have arrived into our care, and 23 animals have moved on to their new loving families. 

In January, 8 new dogs have arrived into our care for rehoming, five are available and seeking new families and two have already been reserved for new homes.   We also had Scooby into our care for several weeks, he was neutered and cared for, and happily his family has now found him a far better place to live.   

Although it is not really kitten season, we have also had four kittens into our care, happily all were reserved and will be going to their new homes very soon. 

We have had 9 new puppies in to our care.  4 have found lovely new homes in Portugal and are already with their new families, 4 are happily reserved for new homes abroad and are currently in foster care.  And only sweet Perron,  who is a gorgeous little boy, remains available and seeking a lovely home of his own.

Mummy Honey and her 3 newborn puppies were found at a local school, and they are now all safe in foster care.  Once the puppies are old enough they will be posted as available and mummy will be sterilized and returned to her owner.

So…25 new dogs, puppies and kittens have arrived into our care! 

The good news.  

We have happily rehomed 8 adult dogs.  Two travelled to Germany, and 6 have found lovely new homes here in Portugal.  We also have new reservations for three adult dogs, Boby, Fudge and Ella, and they will move to their new homes hopefully in February.  For more individual albums and photos of individual animals newly available or now reserved please click here.

We have rehomed one adult cat (the lovely and very sweet natured Glee).   

And we have rehomed 14 puppies.  11 went abroad to new homes (some had been in our care since they were only 4 or 5 weeks) and 4 puppies  found lovely new homes in Portugal.   

So……23 dogs, puppies and cat have moved on to new loving families both in Portugal and abroad.  For more individual albums and photos of animals happily rehomed please click here.

The sad news.  

Nix was put to sleep by the vet due to health reasons.  And also the very sad story of Boris, who was brought into our care but also put to sleep by the vet again due to health reasons.  May both these gentle dogs find forever peace and happiness.

And as 2013 has already gotten off to a very busy start, we have several new projects we are working on, including an expansion of our sterilization voucher program which we plan to move forward with in February.   We have welcomed many new dog walkers (thank you all), and everyone is more than welcome to join us any Tuesday or Friday afternoon between 14:30 and 17:00 hours.  We are also actively looking for volunteers to help with fundraising campaigns, as 25 new animals in…and 23 out…. It is all rather expensive and we need help to continue.  

Let’s see what the next month brings.

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