February, 2013 In Review

by SOS Algarve Animals on March 4, 2013

For a short month February has also been a busy month……

20 new animals arrived into our care, and 19 have been lucky enough to move on to new families.

In February we received 11 new adult dogs into our care for rehoming.  Our new arrivals have been some very sad cases, and some of the thinnest cases from the most extreme situations of abuse we have seen in a long time.  Many people will already know the sad stories of Freddy, Robin and Cinderella.  We have also had 4 other new arrivals, from an extreme situation of abuse (Olivia, Kali, Rani and Wesley), whom we cannot yet publicize.  Other adult dogs include the lovely Trevor, Rona, Oscar, as well as poor Tatyana who was returned by her new family through a complicated situation that was very sad, but the fault of no one.   Last, we have been caring for the lovely Tina for several months, but sadly her owner has passed away and so we have now posted her as available.  She is a lovely 7-year old Labrador. 

Surprisingly, we have received only 2 new puppies for rehoming.  A lovely low number which makes us very happy!  They are the adorable Yoyo and Maggie.  Happily both Yoyo and Maggie are already reserved for new families.    

But where we have been quiet with puppies, we have more than made up for with cats and kittens.  We have received 7 new cats into our care for rehoming.  Two lovely adult cats, Pele and Snowflake, and Pele has already been reserved for a new home abroad.   We also have 5 young adolescents (5-7 months) who are very lovely but still quite shy, so they are all in foster care and we will post their information once they gain their confidence.

So….20 new dogs, puppies, cats and kittens have arrived into our care and are now safe!

The Good News! 

We have happily rehomed 12 adult dogs.  6 found wonderful new families here in Portugal: Ella, Natasha, Dancer, Charlie, Evita and Biscuit, and we are so very happy with all these new homes families – as are the new owners!  And 6 found wonderful new homes in Germany: Billy, Missy, Fudge, Hilda, Polo, and Wendy.

We have rehomed 1 puppy – the adorable and very special Neboysa, who travelled to Germany.

And we have rehomed 6 cats and kittens.  The wonderful kitty kat Tac, who found a very special family here in Portugal, and travelling to Germany were cats Pequenina and Florence, and kittens Carlos, Lumpi and Callan.

So….19 new dogs, puppies, cats and kittens have moved on to new loving families both in Portugal and abroad. For more individual albums and photos of animals happily rehomed please click here.

The sad news!

At the beginning of the month Boris was put to sleep, an elderly abandoned boxer, this was the only humane option but it was an awful story and touched many of us deeply.  May he find his peace and the happiness he so deserves across the rainbow bridge.

Finally, and very sadly, as it is never a decision we make easily or lightly, Bubba was put to sleep.  We had spent many months trying to rehabilitate Bubba, sadly his fear of mankind was just too great and he lived every day in terror.  With no other option we contacted his sponsors and made this heart-breaking decision together

And Last!

For sterilizations…aside from all the new animals arriving into our care, we have also sterilized and returned 7 female cats and 3 female dogs.

We have also had some tremendously generous donations: food, bedding, toys and other things (especially from abroad) as well as monetary donations from our supporters. We thank everyone for their generosity, support and kindness on behalf of the animals.    

We are expecting a lot of activity in the next month, and a lot of very different types of projects are in the works.  It can often be disheartening, but we are also motivated to push for change by some of these saddest of cases.  And so we will keep doing as much as we possibly can to help as many as we possibly can.

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