Jolly – Happily Ever After

by SOS Algarve Animals on July 20, 2012

Jolly has found her happily ever after. And she came from such a sad beginning. Some of our volunteers had gone to visit a “situation” where there were some female dogs for sterilization. Her “owner” brought Jolly out from a locked shed. She was terrified. The other dogs were ok, mostly free, some on chains, but for some reason he disliked and bullied Jolly. He had a string around her neck so tight that her eyes were popping, when she did not walk on her “lead” the owner took took a large piece of wood and started hitting her….. suffice to say this was awful…. and the volunteer rushed over and rescued Jolly as fast as she possibly could.

She was only 6 months. For her first night she went to the volunteer’s house where she was absolutely terrified. She was not walking, she barely moved, and we thought something may be broken….

The next day she went to the vet, so gentle, so sweet, so confused and worried. Everything was ok with Jolly, we had her sterilized, and she was absolutely not going back.

We called her Jolly-To-Be. Not knowing what would happen with Jolly, and knowing that she needed lots of time to gain her confidence and learn how to be happy, we moved her to a foster family in Taveira. We did not post her as available, instead she went as a dog for virtual adoption as we truly did not know if she would ever be able to forget and ready for a new home. She had two sponsors during this time, and their generous help allowed Jolly to stay with her foster family for the time she needed. This foster mummy lives next to the sea and it is a wonderful place for dogs to run, stretch their legs, gain freedom, learn happiness and what it means to be a dog again. And that Jolly did, she learned, to be a dog, to be happy, to trust. She gave Jolly-To-Be only love, happiness and security.

And Jolly surprised us all. In only a few months she was sweet, loving, wagging her tail, walking on the lead, playing with other dogs. When she was ready she came in to our rehoming centre where she also learned to obey, about routine, traffic, being handled. And very very soon she was ready to go to a new family.

So she came with us to the dog show. And you would expect given Jolly’s background she may have found this all very scary, clowns, noise, bouncy castles, crowds of people. But no…again she surprised us all. She was so trusting of us, of people, that whatever we asked she was willing, she knew she would be ok.

And that is when Carrie and her family found Jolly. Waiting in her cage at our stand to find a new forever family. Carrie had been thinking of adopting a second dog for a long time, but they had never before been quite ready. And on seeing Jolly it was love at first sight. All weekend throughout the show they kept coming back to visit Jolly, to take her for little walks, always thinking and deciding. And they did, they reserved Jolly and we waited a few days until they were able to bring their other dog Milo for a visit to meet Jolly and see how they got along.

And if you talk about two dogs being meant to be together… that is Milo and Jolly. So please enjoy these lovely photos of Jolly and Milo and remember there are more happy endings to be found for the abandoned and abused animals of the Algarve.

And remember, on that day when our volunteer arrived and things were so horrible for Jolly, her whole world changed in a heartbeat. She did not know it then, but with love and guidance and Jolly’s tremendous ability to grow, to learn to trust, to love and to forget.

Complete photos and information about Jolly can be found here.