Kweli – A Special Water Dog Seeking A Special Home

by SOS Algarve Animals on September 11, 2012

Update December 22, 2012.  Kwelli is now on his way to an anxiously waiting new mummy in England.  We hope to have more information soon! 

Kweli was found in Faro in the winter 2011 filthy, scared and very thin in Faro. He was taken in to a local canil. Sadly, Kweli was not doing well having to fend for himself in the canil and he was taken in by a kind volunteer. He was with his foster mummy for only a month when an astonishing accident happened.

On the 12 of January the foster’s sister and a friend took the dogs for a walk as usual. Most probably whilst chasing something really fun, Kweli fell into a well. The water level was about 4m down from the wall, so there was no way they could get him out. The foster was alerted, got ropes, a dog transport box, and then raced as fast as she could to the scene with the car.

When the foster arrived a log had been thrown to Kweli which he was holding on to desperately. He was making noises of distress but they were getting weaker and he was losing his hold on the log. The box was lowered into the well but he didn’t understand and by now he was just desperate to keep his head above water which he could barely manage.

He was starting to loose his battle and go under for precious seconds at a time, and only bubbles rose. The foster was desperately making an improvised rope ladder and then climbed down into the well. She thought she could hang on to the rope and fish him out but when she got to the bottom of the well Kweli was under water… only bubbles. She let go off the ladder and landed in the well, fishing Kweli out, grasping him in he arms.

But she feared she was too late. Kweli had his eyes wide open, had stopped breathing and was stiff with his legs stretched out. By then he had been in the water for about an hour and not only exhausted but also very cold, she pushed on his chest, patted him hard to try to get him to breathe again. It worked! but she had to keep patting him to keep him going.

Frantically, whilst holding on to the rope rope she managed to push him into the box that had been lowered and they pulled Kwelli up. From down the well she shouted to her sister to take him straight to the vet (– we all know our priorities!)

At the vet they saw Kweli and went straight into action. It took 4 hours for Kweli to stop shivering. At the same time, the foster got slowly pulled out by the friends and went to defrost in a bath. In the evening she went to pick Kweli up, shaken but both alive.

The foster mummy has 6 permanent dogs and many other foster dogs, sadly she cannot offer the time, space and love to Kweli that he so desperately wants.

Kweli is completely house trained, he walks well on the lead, he is even very well bahaved if left home on his own.    He is very friendly with all other dogs and loves children.

He is 2 years old, his date of birth is mid-2010. He is a water dog. He is a super special boy, he is extremely gentle, loving, happy, people oriented. Perfect in every way except so sadly Kweli also has leish. He has received complete treatment for this with glucantime and while the disease is in remission and can be controlled by a daily pill (which is not expensive) there is no cure and he will need this medicine for life. Seeking a loving family who can see past this to the wonderful and to the truly special, one in a million, type of dog Kweli is.

A complete photo gallery of Kwelli can be found here.

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