Long Term Foster Care

by SOS Algarve Animals on November 29, 2011

Over the past two years some special dogs have been lucky enough to have a wonderful foster mummy or daddy who has cared for them and waited until the perfect home has come along.  This is long term fostering which is different to a majority of fostering in short term foster care (when you foster a puppy, dog, cat or kitten who is already reserved and just waiting to travel to his or her new home).  These special foster dogs were not reserved, the foster families trusted in us and the wonderful dogs in making the decision that – although they themselves could not keep a dog for forever – they could offer him or her just that bit of love and care needed to find them their proper forever home.

Babs was one such dog.  When contacted about her we found her a foster family and within one week she was wanted by 4 different people.  If we had not found her a foster family she would have sadly ended up being just any other homeless dog among hundreds.


Or Special, just a little boy, found curled up on the roadside, he was taken into foster care and very quickly he found a new home.



Haley, from Goldra, was a special case.  She had a wonderful nature inside of the shelter, but as the shelter was the only life she knew when ever anyone thought about adopting her it was impossible, as she simply curled up in a ball outside of the shelter gates and refused to move. Haley went to a special long term foster family, where she was given the time and love she needed to gain her confidence.  In three months time, when she was ready, she was rehomed to Holland and was able to go straight to a home with children and cats, and she is now the most wonderful and beloved family pet.  Without her Portuguese foster family this would never have been possible and she would probably never have found a permanent home.

Haley outside of
the Goldra gates!

Haley with her Portuguese
Foster mummy

Haley going for a walk
in Holland.

Long term fostering is not forever fostering.  Usually, it will be two or three months.  During this time, if you need to travel or if you have an unplanned for departure or problem, we will make arrangements to find the animal another foster family or a placement at a boarding kennel.

Sadly, there will always be more dogs in this situation than we are able to help, but if we can even save just a special few it makes it all worthwhile.  Only by finding these dogs a temporary placement can we give them a chance to find a home.