Looking to Adopt

Our Adoption Form, will give you an idea of our requirements and the type of loving homes we are looking for. Or contact us for more information.

All adult dogs or cats are sterilized prior to adoption.  All puppies or kittens too young to be sterilized are required to be sterilized when old enough.  Help can be provided with paying for this if necessary.  All animals are up to date on their vaccinations and fully vetted.  All adult dogs are tested for leishmaniosis and heartworm, all adult cats are tested for feline leukemia and feline aids.  For more information about the vet care of our animals please visit our section about pet care and view our initial treatment programs for the animals with whom we work.

If you are looking to adopt a dog or cat please always provide as much honest information as you fcan. Do you plan on taking your dog on long walks, do you have a garden? Is it fenced? Do you have children? Are you a “loud” or a “quiet” house? Are you looking for an outdoor or indoor dog? Do you want the dog for protection? How much time do you have for a dog or cat? All this information will help us find you the right dog or cat, puppy or kitten. As pretty or handsome as an animal may be, it should always be the right “fit” for your lifestyle

After you form a bond with your new companion, the shelter or rescue dog or cat is often the most loyal and loving companion you will ever have – as that dog or cat knows how lucky it really is.

It is very important NOT to immediately let your dog or cat roam free. Please give the dog or cat time to know where it is and to know that it wants to come home.

There are all types of animals available, some will be easy and immediately fit into your lifestyle and some will be shyer and may take a bit more time and extra love….