Lost Animals

What to do if you lose your dog (or cat)?

Most important…safety/PREVENTION measures:

      • YOUR Name and Number on the Collar
      • Microchip and REGISTER!!! – make sure you have the number in your files, and that the chip is properly registered with BOTH (SICAF & SIRA) databases and the junta database.
      • Have a good photo of your pet…just in case your dog gets lost and you need it!


Encontra-me.org   Post your pet here. DO THIS IMMEDIATELY !!!!!    Read http://www.encontra-me.org/procurar for more advice

    • Facebook, yes —- we will also share on our facebook if you have lost your pet in the Algarve, but please also use large animal rescue facebook pages such as Canil Sao Francisco do Assis (Algarve) and Live, Love and Care (Adoptanos) (Southern Portugal). But where is most useful will all depend on your area.
    • FLYERS!!!! Post them in your local area: local vets, local street signs, all garbage containers, local market places, local cafes, local stores, large stores, pet stores, the more places you can think of the better.
    • Search, get your friends, your family, everyone you know to go out with as many of these flyers as possible, get them EVERYWHERE you can. And if you find your pet…please take them down!
    • Go to the muncipal camaras, the junta fregusia, and local shelters with the flyer, but also GO IN and look for your pet. Do this even if your pet is microchipped.
    • Newspapers, online forums, Portuguese and expat journals/papers etc. If you do not immediately find your pet this is definitely helpful for those who may not be in your area and do not use the internet or facebook.

Reward or No Reward:

We advise you either do NOT post reward on the flyers or you post reward but include an amount of 50 or 100 euros. Posting “reward” can have a good or a bad effect. In one situation, the “reward” was offered and the dogs came back – they had been stolen by friend of a friend, but for 100 euros everyone local wanted to find them bring them back. ( To the owner the reward was nothing to pay, they got the dogs back, it never happened again). BUT, another situation involved possible dog theft, and a reward was mentioned, then the dog did not come back…they wanted more money. There is always a risk to posting reward or no reward…hence our above suggestion.