In Memory of Leila

by SOS Algarve Animals on October 17, 2013

In December 2014 we sadly had to put Leila to sleep.   Leila had been one of our permeant residents for many years, a wonderful dog, so sweet, gentle, playful and extremely loving. She would have made a wonderful family pet except sadly Leila had many medical problems. She came into our care when she was just one year old…it was soon after that she developed an immune problem. Many trips to the vet later and we were able to manage this condition with holistic medicine and acupuncture, but it was always a difficult condition and sometimes it got better and sometimes it got worse. Leila was six years old when her condition again became much worse, she was not comfortable and she was no longer able to eat on her own and so we let her go . Dear Leila…may you have all the cuddles, love, and affection you so very much deserve across the rainbow bridge.

Leila’s Story:

Leila will never find a home, not because she is scared or anything like that at all, quite the opposite she is an outgoing sweet and affectionate little girl, with a medical condition. Leila suffers from a disease in her immune system, a form of muscular dystrophy.


The disease is very rare, and it causes the white blood cells to attack the muscle tissue.  Fortunately, with acupuncture supplemented with herbal extracts, we have been able to control the disease.  Her face has been mostly affected and sadly her jaw lines and cheeks are concave, as the muscle no longer exists.  When the muscular degeneration is active, Leila cannot eat at all, she simply cannot open her mouth. Fortunately, it seems that with her treatments the disease is stable and Leila is a happy, playful dog who is so very loving.


It has taken quite some time to find out exactly what was wrong with Leila and to find the treatment which fits her best. If she will be able to grow very old, we honestly do not know, but she is such a lovely dog we all feel she deserves a chance in life and we will do all we can to have her live a joyful and happy life.


Leila we found when she was about 1 year old.  She had been living by the rubbish bins in Almancil.  Always friendly, extremely gentle, happy, playful loving.  Leila is an absolutely perfect family dog, adores human companionship, super with cats, with other dogs.  She is extremely easy going and amazingly affectionate, will always happily roll over for a tummy rub and a cuddle.

We are always waiting for that  especially loving and caring person who would be able to offer Leila a long-term foster home (where we would continue to sponsor her care) as we know that this would make Leila’s dreams come true.   But sadly, we also realize that with her disease it is unlikely anyone will be willing to offer Leila a special home of her own….and so we need your help to keep Leila happy and safe and be able to afford the treatment she needs.



We ask for your help and sponsorship to pay for Leila’s acupuncture, herbal extracts and good food to keep her immune system strong.  This costs about 65 euros per month.

We estimate Leila was born in October 2008.  For a complete photo gallery of Leila and her time with us please click here

For more information about how to sponsor Leila please contact us.  Payments can be made by wire transfer or cheque, click on how to donate for information.  On any payment please reference “Leila” and send us an email to so we can say thank you and also send you further updates about Leila.