Lukky: Extra cuddly Mummy Dog Urgently Seeking Her Home

by SOS Algarve Animals on April 18, 2012


It was December 2010 that Lukky was first seen. Another extremely skinny and scared podenco bitch, another one left in the middle of nowhere by local hunters. Lukky appeared in the vicinity of a large villa, near the river in the hills, and decided to stay with the two dogs that belonged to the villa. Lukky was always there with his tail between his legs, it was assumed that Lukky was a male, until …. Lukky grew very big, and the nipples began to swell. Oh no, Lukky is a bitch, and extremely pregnant also .. The big black dog who lives in the villa was the father of the puppies … By the time we knew that this was a pregnant bitch, it was too late to do anything, and on 21 February, two beautiful puppies were born, Dineke and Tommy. The whole family, Lukky, Dineke and Tommy was very lovingly incorporated into the house of a volunteer. The pups quickly found a new home, Dineke went to the Netherlands, and Tommy was adopted by the occupant of the villa.

Lukky at the volunteer's home with Tommy and Dineke

Later, Lukky moved back to the river and the villa, where she was happy with Spike, the father of the puppies..

It looks like a great story, but the reality is different. Life outside the villa is not a happy life, the villa is in a hunting area, where local hunters create dangers for dogs and set illegal traps. One of these traps recently nearly killed Lukky. Her son Tommy was hit by a tractor, and died at only 5 months old.

Lucky with Tommy outside the villa

Lukky recently disappeared for a few days, and this was very unusual, there were a lot of time and effort to find her, we were desperate. After a few days we got the message that Lukky was back with a rabbit run around her neck. Lukky had been able to bite free of the snare, but she had a huge gash in her neck, under her armpits. Even her lips were completely destroyed from having to bite through the wire.

Lucky's Injury

The vet gave her several stitches and she survived and is back at the villa. However, the villa was sold, the resident (not the owner, but the care taker) must move, and goes back to the UK, along with Spike … and Lukky is left alone, heartbreaking.

Lukky is a bit shy, but very sweet. Not nearly as anxious as in 2010. If she knows you a bit, she is sweet and affectionate, and loves to cuddle. Lukky is about 15 kilos, and 2.5 years old.  She is neutered, vaccinated, tested negative leish and heartworm.

Please see link for more photos of Lukky.