May Sterilisation Campaign 2014

by SOS Algarve Animals on May 16, 2014

We were at it again last weekend.  2.5 days of sterilisation and thankfully we managed to help almost 100 cats and dogs.  Again these were all animals either from the street, at risk of getting pregnant, or from extremely low income families.  Again these were all animals who were having puppies and kittens every year….thankfully this now means less unwanted dogs and cats as well as a far better quality of life for the animals who were sterilised.

Sadly, one of the worst problems the animals face at this time of the year are ticks.  Although we were able to treat the animals who came to us for sterilisation, the protection will soon run out.  So if anyone has spare pipettes we are always in need. 

And of course this costs money.  Our outgoing cost for this weekend is approximately 3000 euros.  So please remember if this is a cause you believe in to please help, donate, or to support us at one of our upcoming fundraisers. 

Our hugest thanks to all our helpers, volunteers and the vet.  Dr. Ana and Andre and her student Nicole performed all the surgeries….without them this would not have been possible.  Dr. Carlos, Clinica Veterinaria Torrejao, and Merry Legs Pet Hotel, thank you for all your help, support, consults and for letting us turn everything upside down.  And to our volunteers…without whom this work would simply not be possible as we cannot do it without their help, running erands, moving dogs, moving cats, cleaning boxes, walking dogs, watering, reception.  They are fantastic.  The work is hard, 12 hour days in 30+ degree heat.  Our truest thanks…from us and from all the animals that together we were able to help…to Melanie, Frytia, Shauna, Nicola, Anne and “little” Laura.

And a last reminder.  This DOES make a difference.  Since April this year we have sterilised over 400 animals.   Look around your neighbourhood.  Who can you help?   Email us to  Although we have no further campaigns currently scheduled we hope to do this again as soon as we are able to raise the funds.  This is the only way the situation for all animals will improve.