Moppie: Sweet loving girl who needs a home

by SOS Algarve Animals on April 18, 2012

In early May 2011 Moppie was seen on the street near the house of one of our volunteers. Moppie was incredibly thin, but it was also clear to see that very recently she had puppies. The volunteer brough food and water to Moppie twice a day, and she was incredibly hungry. But was also afraid of people, she never came near, always remained at a distance. After a few days this started to change, Moppies would recognize the car and come running if she heard whistling.

For three weeks she was provided with food and water, in the meantime, the volunteer kept searching for Moppie’s puppies. But Moppie had them very well hidden and it was still impossible to touch Moppie, she was so afraid of people.

Then one morning, after Moppie had finished her breakfast, she waited and looked at the volunteer as if asking her to follow. Dear little Moppie, so scared and detached as she had been, she was ready to show the puppies. And so Moppie walked in front, with our volunteer following, always looking back to check that she was there. And eventually she stopped, and the 4 pups were found under a bush, completely covered in mud and soaked through and through with all the rain that had fallen that month.

Moppie allowed the pups to be picked up and then followed them towards the house of our volunteer, she walked into the garden effortlessly. The pups were very sweet and easy to approach.

Moppie very soon after allowing her puppies to be found

And again with her puppies, but gaining trust and confidence

Moppie let her fear of man go, and began to adore the volunteer with everything she has. However, strange people were definitely not welcome and were greeted with snarls, growls and even bared teeth towards your calves if you were not careful. Because of this behavior, we were not sure we could rehome Moppie. But our volunteer did not give up and Moppie, now almost a year with the volunteer, shows that she has become a very loving little dog. She has been given extra love and care and shown such tremendous progress that it’s amazing.

Moppie’s puppies all found homes. The girl was rehomed here in Portugal and the three boys found new homes in Germany.

Moppie is definitely not a morning dog, she has a warm comfortable basket where she curls up at night and in the morning she stretches, yawns a few times, and falls back asleep, which produces sounds which seem to say, let me now sleep just a little more…


She will go along on the daily walks, love the car. She is friendly, sometimes reluctantly, to new people, but absolutely not aggressive. She has learned so much in a year, learned and unlearned! Moppie is an absolute treasure, she will need some time to adjust to a new environment, but will definitely attach to her new people … who can offer her a comfy basket?

Moppy is a 3 year old podenco cross weighing 14 kilos.  She is neutered, vaccinated, and tested negative leish and heartworm.  More photos of Moppie available at this link.