Our very Special Frida

by SOS Algarve Animals on September 21, 2014

Frida is a loving, playful, joyful girl.  She is sweet, she is gentle, she just wants company and to be loved.  Frida has never been thought of before…she was never given a chance.  She is just over 1 year old.



When Frida was just a puppy, maybe 5 or 6 months old, she was full of love…the world was new and full of things to explore.  Maybe she had people who cared for her, or maybe she lost her family and was on her own.  But she would have been like any other puppy, who played, and ran, and jumped around.  But something happened….and people took Frida to safety… to what was supposed to be a new beginning.

She was taken to a municipal camara canil.  Not a bad place.  She was safe, and fed and watered, and was cared for her as best as  was possible.  Like every other camara canil it is a killing station by law… but  Frida was young, and friendly and so they waited for Frida…hoping that one day someone would want her.


But there was one problem.  No one wanted Frida.     She is black, and short haired, and there are so many other dogs that no one ever offered to take Frida away.  For 7 months Frida lived in the canil.  She lived in a 1 metre long by ½ metre wide indoor kennel.  That was it.   She never left her kennel.  She was on her own.  She was NEVER walked.  Not once.  Even her food and water was given automatically.  She ran circles in her kennel.  She threw herself at the bars.  Hour after hour, day after day, week after week…and finally month after month that was her life….nothing.


The other dogs of the canil have come and gone.  But a poor black dog no one notices…especially not as the months went by and she forgot how to act around people.  Each time someone visited she only new there was something happening…and she would run little circles in her excitement, trying to show off, trying to get attention, because that is all she knew.   And that is when people started thinking….. perhaps she had gone a bit crazy, having been there for so long…and the chance of someone choosing to give her a chance became less…and less.


When we went into her kennel, got down on our knees to pet her…she did not know what was happening…she did not even know what it was to be touched.  She just kept going to the bars of the door …and circling…. because that is all she knew.


We put the lead on her and walked her out.   She did not understand.  First she would not leave…then she was like a racehorse darting one way and then another.   She did not want to go back inside…. we put her back….she looked at us….


How can you leave a dog who is so full of love…so wants to be loved…to a life of months and months and possibly years of living such a life?

So we didn’t.

Frida is a fast learner.  When we put the lead on her for a second time she tried harder to understand what we wanted.  She happily walked to the car.  After a long car trip looking out the window finally she was let out.  And seeing her run and play….seeing her finally stretch her legs…run straight…sniff around…wag her tail….after 7 months of darkness…….



It’s not going to be an easy road for Frida.  How much she remembers from when she was a puppy, about cars, about people, about the world we do not know.  But hopefully, someone has the heart and love to want to show Frida the world, to teach her what it means to be a part of the world and to be loved.  In exchange, Frid will give you her everything…. just because she is that type of dog… she loves.   Even during all her months of loneliness she never forgot how to love.

Please help Frida find that one special person to love and be loved by.  More photos of Friday can be found in her album.  p.s. She really loves the water……..