Portugal At Its Worst – Original Posting

by SOS Algarve Animals on January 5, 2012

Portugal At Its Worst – January 5th, 2011
There is an atrocious and inhumane situation of cruelty and abuse at the camara in Leiria, 100 km north of Lisbon, where they are controlling the animal population by starving to death the animals under their care and protection. They are locked in cages or kennels and left to rot. Photographed on or about December 22, 2011, they are skin and bone, mothers trying to revive starved puppies, kittens, puppies, dogs, cats in every photo dead, piled up, from what can only be starvation. This has come to our attention via email and by a person who has been able to photograph what they saw. (Typically, if you try, you will be stopped from entering municpal kennels if you have a camera with you or try to take photos). In this situation someone has managed… and now there is evidence of this animal abuse at the hands of the Portuguese government that can be made public …and it must stop. We will do all that we can to help, we have chosen to immediately publicize the information that we have received in the hope that that there is enough of an outcry that the animals can be saved and the people invovled have to face the consequences. Please also publicize this story and these photos and where this is occuring as much as you are able. Portugal is part of the European Community where legislation is at hand but not implemented. It is at the camara of Leiria where this is occuring, and so it is under the control and responsibility of government appointed officials that these poor animals are having to endure such atrocities. We will do all that we can to help and to publicize any more information that we receive. Please click here for the photographs. A copy of the email we received is available at the “Portugal At Its Worst – Updates” under stories.