Short Update April 28, 2012

by SOS Algarve Animals on April 28, 2012

In these two last weeks of April it has been very busy again. We had two new litters of puppies brought in. All but two puppies are now happily reserved (Danny and Davino for new families in Portugal, and Jeffy to Frankfurt). Jason and Juliette still need to find their families. They are very lovely, 3 months old, and we expect them to be medium sized adults.

Jason (left) Juliette (center) and Jeffy (right).

Santo has also found a lovely new Daddy and he will be going to his new home next week. We have had Santo for many many months, he was found abandoned on the streets, is a truly wonderful dog and we think he has now found his special forever home.


Three females came in for spaying (two were mummies of the puppy litters), all were neutered and returned. There were two flights to Holland and two flights to Berlin. The Rainbow litter travelled, and the new mummy of Jane even came from Holland to take Jane and the rest of the Rainbow Litter to their new homes.   Thank you Stacey it was lovely meeting you! The 4 cinza puppies and their mummy, Diana, Jaffa and Picassa also all travelled to their new homes abroad. Before the end of the month Praia, Sevino, Ylena and cat Novo will also be travelling to their new homes.

Jane at her new home in Holland with Stacey

Aladin (of the Disney puppies) also came back for a visit to the vet and met his brothers and sisters… a bit of growling but a happy reunion and Aladin is doing very well with his new family. The other puppies are still in foster care (as are the 6 Adriana puppies, cato, lotus, and Lulu) but all 14 of these puppies will be moving to their new homes in the next few weeks.

Aldain with his new mummy back at the vet for a visit and vaccine

Cat Tina was happily rehomed, along with Rollo and Zebra (thank you Roz for responding to the urgency for Zebra!). All are settling in very well to their new homes and families, although Tina broke through a window on day 3 or 4… thankfully she happily found her way back to her new home at dinner time. Snowwhite, Macy, and Cleo are all wonderful cats and they are still looking for their new homes and families.

Macey, an extremely loving cat who still needs to find her home

Many new dogs have arrived for help. Six of these dogs are staying with their caretakers for a while (Juno, Sparto, Cindy, Choccy, Misha and Bunny), but all will need to find homes in the near future. And four few new dogs are already with us for rehoming and if all goes well will be posted as available next week.

Choccy --- needs a home

More about our new arrivals and animals in need of homes are available by clicking on available animals.

Sadly, many more people than this have called for help. We ask the same of all these persons, the situation, description, story and if they could send photos of the animal in need. (This is all laid out on the updated section of the website “found a stray and what to do”). Some of these contacts we have already or soon will be helping, and some have either not sent us this information or the situation is such that the dog or cat is best left where it is. Sadly, the general answer from many shelters when people find a dog or cat and ask for help is that there is no space and they are full. This is the reality in the Algarve and all over Portugal. There are not enough homes, there are not enough shelters…Sadly, one such mummy and her puppies came in to us with their rescuer.  The mummy had followed her home, next morning……9 puppies.  She had tried many other places to offer sanctuary to mummy and puppies but no one can help.  As their rescuer is only here for two more weeks leaving them on the roadside is not an option.  As we ourselves only have the funds, space, and homes to be able to help some of the litter, with no alternative some of the puppies were put to sleep by a vet…and the two puppies and mummy for whom we can offer space we will take in for care and rehoming in two weeks time.  The mummy is 9 years old, she should never have been pregnant in the first place, let alone pregnant and abandoned…


We urgently need dog walkers and puppy fosters. Dog walking is a truly lovely way to pass an hour or so. The dogs love this time and extra attention and it really helps them get used to changes in their environment. And puppy fostering is a wonderful way to help, tremendously appreciated and needed. We can often find homes for more puppies than we have space for, so this is truly a way to not only gain some puppy love for a few weeks but also know that you are helping to save these puppies from a far worse fate.

And please do not forget about the Algarve Dog Show June 2 and June 3. It is a great occasion. And we also need help from volunteers!

It has also been a very sad week, many of you will know Barney – Ginie’s enormous rescue puppy. He was adopted by Ginie when he was about 3 months old and he was growing into a wonderful and very very special big boy. But heartbreakingly, he had severe hip dysplacia and there was nothing that the vets could do. So this week, with broken hearts, no longer able to run or play, Barney was put to sleep. Rest in peace special boy…

Until next time.


The team at SOS Algarve Animals.