SOS Algarve Animals and Canil Sao Francisco do Assis

by SOS Algarve Animals on August 13, 2011

On July 12 and with heavy hearts we withdrew all help by SOS Algarve Animals to the Canil Sao Francisco do Assis. We have moved all dogs with whom we were working to temporary placements. The kittens from the canil with whom we were working are already in foster families and SOSAA will continue to work towards finding homes for all of these animals. We are unable to work with any new dogs, puppies, cats or kittens at CSFA. We will continue to work with other animals of the Algarve who need homes. From December, 2010 until July, 2011, we have found homes for approximately 200 dogs, puppies, cats and kittens from the Canil, as well as homes for the other animals with whom we work. Our decision was made due to our belief that the care, health and safety of the dogs at the Canil with whom we were working was being put at risk by the Canil’s actions. We notified the canil of our complaint, and requested a meeting so that a solution could be reached. No such meeting was arranged nor any other efforts to reach a solution made. We are in the process of outlying our decision and experiences in more detail. We will return to help the animals of the canil if a solution can be reached and only upon request of the Board of the Canil.

Unfortunately, without SOSAA’s presence at the canil our support for theSOSAA-CSFA sterilization plan has also had to be withdrawn. However, we are going to continue to try to push forward with a similar sterilization plan for animals of the Algarve. This plan is being worked upon with the help of our vets and other supporters, and we hope to seek authorization for a mobile hospital unit that can travel to different shelters to perform sterilizations. As such, we continue to believe in the necessity and importance of providing sterilizations to all abandoned animals of the Algarve. While we currently sponsor the sterilization of as many animals as funds allow in any given month, we will continue to push forward with a way to provide these sterilizations to a greater number of Algarve abandoned animals at the lowest cost possible.