SOS Algarve Animals Visits Local Shelters and Canils – Introduction

by SOS Algarve Animals on October 3, 2014

From an Algarve shelter manager: “I know there are so many appeals, so many urgent cases that are now there on the streets and needing help, and I am happy they are getting help.  But you have to wonder if the poor dog who has been waiting in the shelter for years will ever get the chance.”

Most of us who are animal lovers and living in the Algarve do not even know what takes place behind the walls of our local shelters and canils.  We do not know what animals they have, we can only guess at the day to day struggles.  We do know that they have too many animals, not enough space and not enough money.  They may manage to home a few but they always have more waiting to come in than ever going out.

We at SOS Algarve Animals are now seeking to change this…we are seeking to publicize the plight of shelters…of canils…some may be good, some may be not so good, but almost all are trying to do the best they can for the animals in their care.

As we visit these shelters and canils we will (with permission) post photos and a report of what is happening in the shelter, what are the biggest obstacles they face, what help they need, what animals are there….waiting…..

Stay tuned…we already have three visits to share.

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