Special Romara Happily To Go To Holland

by SOS Algarve Animals on April 17, 2012

Poor little Romara is just one year old and has had a terrible life so far. A tiny little dog, she was found in a box tied to the side of the road. Bad enough when someone abandon’s their animal in such a way, but for Romara the situation was even worse. A man saw the box, went to investigate, and could not believe his eyes. There was a little white dog. Her coat was so knotted she could barely move but she was also in excruciating pain. Her back leg was almost hanging off, the joints were unattached, half the paw had rotted away. The infection was so bad that the bones had disintegrated up to her hip and the paw no longer existed. And this is the condition she was in when she was abandoned in a cardboard box on the side of the road. Her rescuer later found out that she had been there for almost one week before he fortunately was curious enough to stop and have a look.

Romara when found

What was left of Romara's Leg

So he brought her immediately to the vet and she was named Romara. Even with the pain she suffered we cannot share how absolutely wonderful, sweet, gentle and loving she was..

Romara at the vet and before surgery

Her leg was amputated two days after being brought to the vet and even just the day after she is so much happier …and no wonder. She is now completely recovering, under our care, and is a very sweet and energetic little dog who is loving her new life.

Romara day after surgery

The family who found Romara have sponsored her vet bills. And so a big thank you to them and what a tremendous relief to know that a such a sad animal has received the help she so urgently needed.

Happily, Romara has been reserved by one of the organizations we work with in Holland, where they will find her a very special family for a special little dog and where she can forget that the first year of her life was so filled with pain and sadness.

More photos of Romara’s journey available at this link.