Sterilisation Campaign September 27, 2014

by SOS Algarve Animals on October 3, 2014

We are so happy to announce, that we were able to hold our first, in a series of 3, successful sterilization campaign on Saturday 27 September.

45 dogs and cats were sterilised. Meaning……360 less unwanted puppies and kittens to be born without a future. We can only emphasize on how important this work is…..and a sterilization campaign is the most efficient way to bring help to so many dogs and cats who otherwise would go unsterilised and would continue to be giving birth.

Our heartfelt thank you and appreciation, first of all to Shauna, who helped us tremendously from 0800 until we finished at 19.30 hours. It truly is hard and exhausting work, and she has already offered to help us again next time! And a big thank you also to Arlene, who came mid-afternoon and helped us with the clean up when we were becoming a bit worn out.

But our biggest thank you and gratitude we would like to express to dr. Carlos Campos, and his team of wonderful vets and staff; Raquel, Jacintha, Carlos, David and assistants Sarah and Claudia. They are not only superb and knowledgeable vets; but also show a true commitment to the animals and truly understand the need to improve the animal situation.


And thank you to Clinica Veterinaria Torrejao and Clinica Veterinaria Pera, who have offered us help and host the sterilization campaign, and allowed us to turn the clinic upside down for the day.

And last but absolutely not least, to our supporters and everyone who has donated or helped us make this possible. One new volunteer, Annemie, who very recently joined us in the door to door project, organized a fabulous 11 cats to come in from low income families! Annemie will be present on the meeting on 10 October and will be available to share her experience! Would you like to make a difference in your area? Please join our door to door project and come to the meeting on 10 October 2014!

Please help us by giving a (small) donation to allow us continue this work….it is the only way to make a long term change or improvement to the number of unwanted, homeless, abandoned animals in the Algarve. Every little helps…without a doubt… To make a donation please use Paypal, our account is, or visit

We are trying to raise much needed funds for the next sterilisation campaign in early November. Please remember if you are looking for help with sterilisation to email us to