Please Note:  Many Links on this page are under construction.  They are being worked upon and we hope to have them all completed in the near future.  In the interim, for information or help, please email .  Please include Sterilization in the subject heading.

Our belief is that the root of the enormous problem of abandoned cats & dogs is the lack of sterilisation.

There are sadly far more cats and dogs than homes to be found

Why sterilisation and what are the benefits of sterilisation.  (you should be able to click on this link and go through to the information) Many people in Portugal need to be educated about the possibilities and just as many people simply need help in paying for either their animal or a stray animal to be sterilised.

For help with sterilisation please email us:

Please include sterilisation in the subject heading!

You will receive our questionnaire, which we send to all requests for help we receive.

It is divided into 3 sections

  1. Information on the responsible party/owner/contact details
  2. Information on the ‘owned’ animal in need of sterilisation
  3. Information on the feral/colony cats, incl. if traps/help is needed

We ask for a photo of the animal(s) and we ask for proof of income.

Your application will be evaluated and you will be replied to with either a no or an authorisation form. In both situations you will receive an email from us. We are pretty quick in replying, but in times of lots and lots of requests, it may take a little longer.

Our sterilisation efforts are not going by unnoticed and with almost 1200 animals sterilised in 2019 we are proud of our achievements over the years since 2010.