Age To Sterilize

The best age for the sterilization of a female cat or dog is between 5 and 8 months.

Having said this, there seem to be many different sorts of viewpoints here in the Algarve on when, and particularly at what age, to sterilize a female puppy. Sterilizing your puppy after her first season is one of them, which is completely out of date and not in the interest of the well-being of the animal at all. In actual fact, the best timing is BEFORE the first season, so between 4,5 and 8 months in general. Before the first season makes a lot of sense as during the season the hormones are activated and can cause ‘damage’ in the long run, like mammal tumours and ovary infections. Most importantly, spayed and neutered dogs generally live healthier and longer lives as the risk for different types of cancer is considerably decreased.

The main reason for having your female puppy spayed before her first season is her future health!

But there is another reason: do you really want her exposed and mounted by males during her season? Because that is what will very likely happen here in Portugal…with the number of non-neutered males loose on the street. And then there are the subsequent puppies… more dogs in a country like Portugal looking for a home…and there are simply not enough homes … And then the last reason…the cost. Spaying your dog between the age of 4.5 – 8 months has positive influence on the financial side, simply because the animal is not fully grown, the cost for anaesthesia is less as this is per kilo bodyweight..

Please spay your animal in time, take the well-being of the animal as first priority…If you are told differently by your vet, change vets or get a second opinion, do not believe anybody or any shelter who advises you differently…we are in 2012…not in the 1980′s anymore…