Summer Sterilisation Update

by SOS Algarve Animals on October 5, 2015

Summer in the Algarve does not allow for one day sterilisation campaigns to be organised, it is just too hot and stressful for the animals. This doesn’t mean we did not sterilise animals during these months, on the contrary, from June – August we were able to sterilise 93 dogs and cats, many of those were sponsored sterilisations. The cost for these sterilisations was 4,202.49 euros.


We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who supports our work. This support has allowed us to continue with sterilisation of animals in need.


Sadly though, donations have been few and we have a big deficit… we desperately need fundraising help.. and donations… to be able to continue.  If all our likers were able to donate even a few euros we could help so many more…


A few questions have recently been brought to our attention about the way we work… and we thought it would help to explain. Both about our pricing for sterilisations and about the animals we help sterilise.


We help pay for sterilisations of dogs, puppies, cats and kittens who are either on the street or belong to low income families.  Every person who contacts us for help with sterilisation must give information about why they are ‘low income’.  We have a few “representatives” who work for us helping to find low income families in need of this help.  All other persons who request our help are given a questionnaire to complete.  In the questionnaire an amount of what they can afford for the sterilisation must be given. Sometimes this covers the cost and they just need help with obtaining a charity discount to be able to afford the sterilisation, sometimes they can pay nothing, sometimes they can pay some but not all.  Sometimes it is not the owner but a friend or neighbour of the owner who acts as “responsible party”.


Some animals we sterilise in campaigns.  Other animals are sterilised in what we call “vet sponsored sterilisation”.  Sterilisation in a campaign is far less expensive than vet sponsored sterilisation.  But our campaigns are often full, it can be difficult to be able to schedule animals who are difficult to catch in campaigns, not to mention that animals who are high risk or already pregnant need the help urgently and cannot wait until a campaign.


Information about our pricing we can only partly share.  There is no secret about it… we certainly are not making money… and we will share pricing privately, but difficulties with the Order of the Veterinary Board makes mass publicizing of lower sterilisation pricing a bad idea.


We can share that in a campaign pricing for a STREET dog or cat is 50 euros for a dog of any sex or size and 25 euros for a cat of any sex or size.   In addition to this we also pay extra for all animals to be wormed and defleed, and all dogs to be microchipped.


BUT not every animal is able to fit into a campaign… and so our average price for a dog or cat to be sterilised is higher than this campaign pricing.   However, it is still a very good and very competitive price, not to mention that partial payments are always directly deducted from the cost so that we just pay the difference.



We would also like to share that our standards of veterinary methods used in our sterilisations are high.  As an example, we give antibiotics by injection, all stitches are dissolvable and in multiple layers.   This is important to us because the animals who we help sterilise rarely return to the type of home where follow up care is even possible.


To donate towards sterilisation please visit How To Donate.


Donations can be made by credit card, cheque, wire…just about every way. Please include sterilisation in the subject.


Thank you to everyone for your support and help.