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by SOS Algarve Animals on January 8, 2013

Update 17 May 2013.



Dear Vincentina passed away last week quietly and peacefully. After having spent a horrid life being a hunting dog, she was dumped at Cabo St Vincentina.  Unsterilized she had puppies, and when we found her she was living on the street with her two sons.

Months ago we received a sad appeal for help for these dogs, and Linda Tranmer answered the appeal spending many days trying to catch these dogs, eventually catching Vincentina.  When she arrived to us she was a sad case, tired, unwell, but most sadly she had tumours and urgently needed surgery.   The surgery was performed and she recovered well, but we were told to expect the tumours to return in just a month or two.

Vicentina then came into our care and she settled quickly, enjoying her warm bed, her daily food and loving care.  She did remain worried and scared, but she gained weight, her coat improved, she was also very accepting even grateful for every bit of attention.  Her favourite place was curled up outside her kennel (which she shared with Lenny – another old dog), watching our chickens.   Poor Lenny is really missing her.

Vincentina was a tremendously sweet little girl who, like all dogs, should have been able and allowed to have been somebody’s family pet, curled up and spending her life in front of a fireplace in winter…she should have had a family to call her own…. Bye little girl, it has been a pleasure and we feel honoured to have known you, we are sorry it took so long for people to finally help you, we miss you, sweet Vincentina…Rest in Peace….

We still receive calls about the two dogs left behind…there are still tourists feeding them.  Other people have also tried to catch them but so far it has been unsuccessful.  If anyone lives in the area and wants to try…it will take time, patience, and tranquilizers.  We would be more than happy to lend our advice and will try to offer them sanctuary.


Update 4 February 2013.

Vincentina is doing really well, she is enjoying her life and her new friends. She loves her food, and is always happy and grateful for the attention she gets. 

Vincentina is a lovely old lady and seems to be finally enjoying life as she should have in her younger years.. She has come out of her shell and is feeling very comfortable and at home.  She will have a stroll around and enjoy the sunshine.

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Original Posting January, 2013

Vincentina came into our care the week before Christmas, 2012.

She is a little girl who has been living on her own, abandoned, for a very long time. She was found on the windy Cape St. Vincente, Sagres (the western most part of Europe). She was fending for herself, day in and day out always having to fight for her survival, her food, a safe place to spend the night.

Vincentina upon arrival
She arrived to us because of the help of two caring people. The first was Carol, who sent us a very heart felt email about a few little dogs she had seen battling the wind to get to food. Carol was only a tourist, in transit, passing through for a few hours only, all she could do was feed them and share the story.

From Carol’s email we were able to share the story, and we appealed for help to try and bring this family of dogs into our care. And then another kind lady, Linda, drove 1.5 hours each way to try and catch the family. It was Vincentina she was most worried about, and with time she managed to catch her and bring her to our care.

Vincentina at the clinic
And Vincentina is a shy but extremely gentle little girl. She looks worn and battered, signs from her prior very likely horrible life and abandoned to die. She is now safe in our care and learning to be happy, to know that she does not have to fight for her food, that there is always a meal time, that she will not be chased away, that there is always safety, a comfy bed and people who care.

And Vincentina is growing happier every day, and she looks at you with complete trust in her eyes as if to say thank you, I did not know this was possible, this is kindness.

Vincentina a couple of days after her operation
And so now Vincentina is safe, and we hoped to give her a happy ever after. But for Vincentina her help has come almost too late. She is a very old dog and with what she has been through she is far older than her years. She also very sadly has mammary gland tumors, and while they have now been removed by the vet, we expect them to return. We have been told that only a few months will be the time Vincentina has left.

Nearing the end of her days is when, finally, people cared enough that Vincentina received help. And while we do not know how long she will be with us, please help us make the little time she has left as happy, comfy and safe as we possibly can, for she truly deserves it.

Slowly coming out of her shell
We are looking to raise 120 euros to pay for Vincentina’s operation that removed the mammary gland tumors as well as monthly godparents/sponsors to help us afford special quality dog food to help her immune system, supplements for arthritis, and of course a comfy bed.

Below is the email received from Carol:
Received December 10, 2012
on my second last days holiday last week visiting Cape St. Vincent on a windy day, sitting in my car, I saw a very thin lame young dog struggling on three paws up the road towards the lighthouse museum. Then an equally emaciated little dog appeared behind his sibling. The poor creature was so weak that he was being blown sideways by the wind. Their features were so distorted that they looked as if they were in a wind tunnel. Their mother (whose fur was in very poor condition) laboriously followed behind them. it was obvious that she was still feeding them herself. I have never seen such a pitiful motley crew. they were obviously awaiting a bus full of visitors which was due to arrive. Distressed at their condition, i drove to the nearest supermarket and bought some very cheap and smelly ham. On arriving back at the Lighthouse the buses had arrived but the 3 musketeers had vanished. At the risk of looking like a lunatic I went outside and whistled . then I saw a little head peering over a mound of scutch grass. I drove over to them and after coaxing them for a few minutes the frightened little darlings came over to me. They were shaking with fear. They are obviously frequently mistreated. The mother wasn’t there (she was probably foraging for food ), but the 2 puppies swallowed my meagre food offering in one go. They were absolutely starving. I haven’t been able to put them out of my mind since coming home. Do you think your organization might be able to help them. Please don’t have them put down. They are so brave and loving. They tried to run after my car and I felt so sad leaving them to their bleak fate; especially with the severe economic situation in Portugal ( like in my own ), and with winter approaching. Please do what you can to help them.
Kind regards,



We estimate Vincentina is over 12 years old. For a complete photo gallery of Vincentina and her time with us please click here.





For more information about how to sponsor Vincentina please contact us. Payments can be made by wire transfer or cheque, click on how to donate for information. On any payment please reference “Vincentina” and send us an email to sosalgarveanimals@hotmail.com so we can say thank you and also send you further updates about Vincentina.


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