by SOS Algarve Animals on September 13, 2011

By Ginie on Monday September 12, 2011.

On Friday I received the devastating news that Tarna has tested positive for leishmaniose. I was already really afraid on this, you know, it is one of these things your intuition tells you.. She was tested in April and the result came back negative with the advise to retest in 2-4 months. Tarna went onto the tickfevers treatment, and seemed to be doing well.. In July after a thorough bath, her coat and skin seemed to recover. However, in August she started losing lots and lots of hairs again, her skin went really dry and bad again, and she started limping, first it appeared to be a cut in one of her pads, but after this healed she still limped. End of August I took her to Carlos for a checkup and a bloodtest. Her joints in her frontlegs were affected by arthritis, her toenails started to harden one by one. So blood was taken for the retesting of Leishmaniose.
This morning I took Tarna to Carlos, and she died in my arms. Some of you will probably think, why not put her on the allopurinol and/or glucantime treatment. Well, I did think about that on Friday, when I drove into Faro crying my eyes out…but I can’t justify this for myself. I have enough space in my heart to have done so, but I don;t have enough space in my house, and my group of rescue dogs. If we would have had enough space, yes probably I would have done so, or maybe not… Leishmaniose can be controlled, but never healed/cured. It is a horrible disease….
Tarna had some really happy months, since I rescued her with her litter of puppy’s. Tarna is one of the first mums I found at Sao Francisco who had to give birth in a pack of dogs…It was pouring down with rain that morning, and she had hidden the puppy’s to the best of her ability and was protecting them from the rest of the group… She had many puppy’s, we kept two, Tessa & Timo, who have been rehomed abroad, and Tarna went into the reserved pen in Sao Francisco, and then on to our warehouse, with all the other rescued dogs.
Tarna will be greatly missed, by me, but also by our pack of dogs, she was one of the most stable characters in there, receiving a lot of respect from all the others….
When we  will get our own place, I will plant/design a Memory Lane…where the plants/trees will be named after our dogs who are no longer with us…
There have many dogs we have had to say goodbye to….but those also will never be forgotten….
Tarna, please rest in peace, and join your and our other friends over the Rainbow Bridge……


Tarna was 7 years old.  She was found by Ginie one morning in January in the Canil Sao Francisco after having given birth to a litter of puppies in an outdoor pen with about 15 other adult dogs.  Having speant much of the night protecting her puppies by placing them in a tree stump and curling around them it was an absolutely heartwrenching and devasting scene.  Ginie rescued and moved Tarna and puppies, and two of the puppies were kept (Tessa and Timo), the rest were put to sleep.  Tessa and Timo were rehomed to Holland, and Tarna became one of the dogs under our care.   We only had Tarna for a short time and were unable to give her the life she deserved, but we know that because of our help she at least had a little happiness in that time.